Monday, March 29, 2010

The Value of A Woman

First let me preface this by telling you these are not my words and I do not know who wrote it but it is beautiful. In any instance we should not take each other for granted, man or woman.

In the beginning of the world when God decided to create woman, He found that He had exhausted all the solid materials in man and did not have more with which to dispose. Before this dilemma and after a deep meditation, He did this:
He took the roundedness of the Moon,
The soft curves of the waves,
The tender adhesion of the climbing plant,
The trembling movement of the leaves,
The svelteness of the palm tree,
The delicate shade of the flowers,
The loving look of the deer,
The happiness of the sun and the tear drops of clouds,
The inconsistency of the wind and the fidelity of the dog,
The shyness of the turtledove and the vanity of the peacock,
The softness of the swan feather and the hardness of diamond,
The sweetness of the dove and the cruelness of the tiger,
The heat of fire and the coldness of snow.
He mixed so unequal ingredients, formed the woman and gave her to man.
After a week, man came and said,"Lord, the creature You gave me makes me unhappy, she wants all my attention, never leaves me alone, she chats incessantly, she cries without a reason, it looks like she enjoys making me suffer and I come here to return her because I can no longer live with her!!!"
"Well," answered God and took the woman back.
A week passed, man came back and said, "Lord, I find myself so lonely since I returned the creature You did for me, she sang and played at my side, she looked with tenderness and her sight was as a caress, she laughed and her laughter was music, she was beautiful to see and soft to touch. She took care of me and protected me when I needed it, she gave me sweetness, tenderness, comprehension and love without conditions, please, God, give her back to me, because I cannot live without her!!!"

"I see," said God, "now you value her qualities’s that makes me happy very much. Of course, you can have her back, she was created for you, but do not forget to take care of her, love her, respect her and protect her, because if you do not do so, you run the risk of staying without her again..

Striving To Be Authentic

In each day I awake and usually start to write. I sit down with a cup of coffee and I drink the real stuff. No watered down version for me. This morning I had a word in my brain from the moment I woke up. That word was authentic.
I thought about all the things that we want to be authentic. Diamonds come to mind, antiques, organic products etc. How many times have you thought something was authentic only to find out later it was a knock off? It was just a copy or a reasonable facsimile of the real deal. Designer purses and watches like a Rolex are copied every day and sold as the real deal. Of course you want your cash to be authentic too but there are a lot of counterfeits on the streets.

I have wondered about all the people I have known were not authentic. Why did they choose to be a fake or just a knock off version of what a human being is? Or did they not choose it? Maybe they are just doing what they have been taught to do. If so some serious soul searching is in order.

I have observed that there are certain traits to an unauthentic person. I will try and list a few here.
1. Pretending to be an expert in something they know little about.
2. Shifting their eyes from side to side while talking to you.
3. Touching you a lot while talking to you...hand, shoulder, palm on back.
4. Inattentiveness...talking on the cell, checking messages, playing with their
hair, nails etc.
5. They don't show up for appointments and if they do they are always late.
6. They don't answer direct questions. They find a way around it.
7. They are stuck in their story and repeat it often and are not interested
in what you have to say.
8. They are constantly talking about others with their own special spin.
9. They are so full of themselves. It is all about them.

These are just a few things that I have observed in my own view. So, I ask myself where I am not being authentic? I want to be the real deal all of the time. I have to be fully aware of what I am doing and saying in every moment so I will be able to quickly identify where I need some correction. To often we just open mouth and insert foot.
God created us to be authentic. I do not want to be parts of someone or something else. I want my ideas and creations to be uniquely me. In the expression of my authentic self miracles happen in my every day interactions with others and I find that more authenticity is forthcoming to me. Not only that, but I am able to feel the energy of something that is not authentic with lightning speed. What a blessing that is. So if you think you life may be filled with unauthentic experiences, look within and make changes with yourself.

I strive to be authentic in every day. I am a authentic being.

Abraham on Allowing

Allowing what it is that you desire to manifest is important. Many times we block what we need with our thoughts that say this is silly or this won't work. When you have these thoughts you slow down or block the energy that is trying to bring into being what you asked for.

Abraham on being others being critical

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photo taken In the Smoky Mountains

I remember the day I took this photo. I felt transported and for a while I left my body and was in the middle of the woods I was looking at and I became in that instant,
One With All.
What a feeling as it was the first time I had an out of body experience so this photo means a lot to me.

Stepping Stones...A poem

Stepping Stones
March 2010

The valley beckoned and told me to come closer
there was a place for me to see
I walked in light with every step
I felt light and free.

Swirling colors of dancing energy
became my guide and sugary transition.
I was not on an idle stroll.
I was on a mission.

I heard a call soft and distance off
I came running down the stepping stones
that moved beneath my feet.
There was myself standing all alone.

A perfect reflection of myself was standing there
then I understood the valley's call to introduce
me to me!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some Simple Things To Do When It Gets Rough!

1 Get busy and start cleaning out your stuff.

2. Be careful with alcohol or drugs as a way to deal with what is going on.

3. Don’t give in to the grungies.

4. Never ever give up!

5. Keep your surroundings tidy and picked up.

6. Make sure you give your loved ones time with you.

7. Keep in contact with your friends and acquaintances.

8. Read books and watch movies about inspiring people who have overcome great odds.

* 9. Don’t Say Can’t!

10. Do something good from the heart every day!

Spring...Ah Spring!

Spring Sunset In Florida

You know sooner or later that I would have to share my thoughts to you on this delicate season. I love every heavenly season but I would say that spring and fall are my favorites.

After many cold, wet, icy, snowy days it is spring in North Carolina. This is paradise.
Everything is blooming here in a speed that delights the heart. Every day reveals another wonder of life sprouting forth. I have two heirloom camellia bushes here, that are so loaded with blooms that the slightest breeze showers morsels of red and pink all over the ground.

When I rake them up it is with gratitude that I am the caretaker for them.
I have been able to enjoy some time on the porch swing and have started with the yard work. A little raking and weed pulling is good for the soul.

Along with this season comes the desire to make some iced tea along with the mint you've been growing. For me it opens the desire to plant some herbs. Basil is my favorite next to lavender.

I do feel a renewal of my spirit when I see life springing into being. Hope wafts on the very air. All is fresh and new. This is what you are a part of! So spring dances all around us to give the message in that which appeared as dead sprung new life and hope eternal.

Hibernation is over.
Spring up and Spring forth***************

Okay, call me nostaligic but this song has always been a winner. I even gave you the words so you can sing with it. Karoke in front of the computer.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Be Mindful of the Energy You Put Out!

Spiritual Southern Porching

I am in love with my porch that wraps around with so many places to sit and meditate.
This porch wraps around a 1925 arts crafts home. There are granite steps leading up to this porch and I used to have lion statues on either side. I sold them as I felt they didn't look good there anymore so I put plants in concrete planters there instead. All around it under the overhang is a wall of brick about two feet high with a granite ledge that you can prop your feet on or even have a sit. I have long decorative concrete planters on each ledge that currently are filled with herbs.

Now, the highlight of this marvelous porch is the porch swing. It is one of my favorite places to spend a few hours. I have coached and counseled on this swing as everyone who comes goes right to that swing. Tears and laughter have been shared from this swing and moments of clarity and renewed passion for life have been born.

Later on anyone who sits there will see the hummingbirds at the feeders. The herbs, roses and gardenias will scent the air. I will have fresh cut flowers in my house every day.

Whenever I sit on the porch I feel so at peace and am filled with such gratitude. If people walking by see me sitting there they will come up on the stairs but no farther as there is a two foot iron gate across the steps. Sure, you can step over it but it keeps my dog from running down the stairs into the street. I've known too many people who have had their dog meet an untimely death because of this. So, I can recline on the porch swing, close my eyes and muse about life and even nod off a bit.

If I ever have to move, this porch will be what I think about as I remember back on fond times and beautiful experiences. Southerners have a fondness and an attachments to their porches. It becomes an extension of the main house, a place to drink ice tea, read a good book, have heart to hearts on and just generally explore the softer side of life where peace abides and knowledge is waiting.

I think of God and know that God has the porch of the universe to dwell in and comes to my porch sometimes and has a heart to heart with me. The iced tea is waiting!

God Is Holding A Seminar...Want to buy a Ticket?

God is holding a seminar
By Rev. Diannia Baty

Yes, folks there is going to be a seminar and the speaker will be God. You don’t need a ticket. it is free. Even the atheists are going to this seminar.
Even though they don’t believe in God they want to come nevertheless so they can heckle and talk about what they don’t believe in. They think this is going to be a day of high entertainment. Some goofy person is going to get up on the stage and claim they are God. This is going to be a real hoot.

For months there have been posters everywhere about the seminar.
There have been full-page ads in the newspapers around the world.
When the people in the ad departments tried to check on who placed the ads, they can’t trace the source. The posters advertising the huge event seem to have come out of nowhere. Store owners don’t remember how they got there. The question has been raised, “How can a seminar be everywhere at once? This must be some kind of hype? It will build everyone up. It won’t really be God. The atheists say, “Of course, it won’t be God because there is no God.”

Out of curiosity and as a direct result of all the advertising…millions of people around the world are talking about it. Every hall, auditorium, stadium and theater has been booked. The tickets cost absolutely nothing. The announcement says all everyone on the earth is invited to attend.
Very few people are staying home because of all the media coverage about the expected event that no one seems to know much about. All anyone knows is that God is the one and only speaker at this seminar.
Would you go?
The fliers don’t say anything except that God is holding a seminar…time and date to be announced. People are getting a ticket for an event not knowing where and when it will be held. Every evening on the newscasts the talk is always mentioned about the event. The newspapers around the world herald the event. What is this all about and who planned this? It is a mystery. It has been praised as an exceptional advertising campaign. Corporations all over the world are trying to find out which advertising firm handled this. Finally another flyer starts appearing. It simply says “Come when you can.” This announcement really gets tongues wagging. How can you have a seminar like that…no time and no date?
Yet, people start talking about how they attended the seminar and have been transformed by the event. This prompts others to start going to the various halls and auditoriums around the world. They in turn tell others and so on. Pretty soon most of the world’s population has been to the event.
People are asked what happened. What did you see and what did you hear and the answer everyone gets is “God.” There was just one word, just one simple but beautiful word.
Those people who have not attended yet ask, “What did God look like?” The answer is the same as it was for every question asked, “God.”
Reporters from news stations and newspapers are frustrated that they can’t get any more information than a one-word answer.
Finally, in a fit of frustration one reporter decides to do as everyone else who has attended the event. He goes to the local stadium at 3am on a dark night. There was only a bare slice of a moon. There were no lights on. He was alone. He located himself a seat and sat down on the hard bench and waited. He felt silly at first when he asked himself how he was going to flesh out this story, as it seemed there would be nothing to write about. He sat in the dark for about 15 minutes and while he sat there in the dark, he asked himself what he believed about God. He realized his belief about God was very shaky. Was God a what or a who? Was God just a fairy tale that people invented long ago to put some hope into their empty lives? He knew with that thought that if the fairy tale theory was true then he was just an accident and that his life had no meaning and never would. That would mean that he would live and die and that would pretty much wrap up what life was.
That would mean that his life meant nothing. He thought about the theory of evolution. We evolved from one cell out of primordial ooze.
The world came about from some big bang said all the scientists. He sat there in silence mulling over these thoughts. He was losing his reporters objectivity. He suddenly felt very sad and lost at these thoughts.
He wanted his life to have some kind of purpose…some kind of meaning. He wanted to feel real, validated and special… not just some quirk of scientific theory. He looked up at the night sky and was startled at all the stars that filled the sky. It was as if he were seeing them for the first time. He thought about what he did as a reporter. His life revolved around all the ugliness and darkness in the world. His camera and audio equipment recorded murders, rapes, genocide,
road-rage, children going to school with guns killing other children and fires burning out of control. He reported only all the negative bad stuff of this world. He knew that he had only added to what the world was becoming. His responsibility was clear for the first time in his life. He felt ashamed. He wanted to apologize to someone for it but you can’t say “I’m sorry” to the whole world could you? He remembered interviewing an avowed atheist not that long ago and his editor saying
“good article” and it was printed and put in the next day’s edition. He was so proud at the time and now he wanted to cringe at the thought of it. He believed in free speech but he had given power to the atheists with his gift of free will. He saw a hot story and just went for it
with no thought to the consequences of his actions.

He remembered interviewing a scientist who talked about his theory of how the world evolved and how God didn’t enter into the equation at all. He never questioned this but he was questioning it now.
As he sat there and felt all the questions and emotions that were welling up inside him, he felt a presence. He knew he wasn’t alone and it made the hair rise up on the back of his neck. It wasn’t a feeling of being frightened but rather a feeling of anticipation and excitement. He looked around and could see no one else but as he scanned the night sky he noticed a star that was starting to glow brighter and become larger. It slowly started to descend toward the middle of the arena. He blinked his eyes and shook his head to hopefully clear his vision. The star glowing very bright with an indigo light continued to descend and finally came to rest about 30 feet in front of him. It was about 2 stories tall and 20 feet wide more or less.
It sat there and seemed to pulse with life. He stood up and walked slowly toward it. He could feel some sort of power and energy as he moved closer. When he was directly in front of it bathed in this incredible light he asked the question “are you God?” He heard a voice say “yes.”

He was told to walk into the light and he did, no questions asked. His experience that night changed him. He was no longer a man who lived his life in an unconscious way. He quit his job and became the editor of a spiritual magazine. He was spreading the light, truth and the beauty and wonder of God. When he was asked what he had seen and experienced that night,
he told anyone that would listen that it was the most intense powerful experience of his life. When he was asked what God looked like and what did he see and hear, his answer was always the same. GOD, Just one simple but beautiful word, GOD.

He told everyone what it was clear what we are all supposed to do.
We are to spread the light of God’s love. We have to undo all the evil of this world before we destroy our earth home. We have to honor our divinity and never to forget that we are all one.

Experiencing God is a highly personal road of truth for every one of us. We should never have to defend our position as believers to anyone. The next time someone asks you how you know that God exists, ask him or her a question. “How do you know that God doesn’t exist?”
Ask them to pretend for a moment that God is and has always been and always will be and then to tell you how the feeling of that vibrates with them. Does it feel good? Does it feel positive? Do they for just a moment feel what hope is? Then tell them that God loves them and is there for them and always will be. God is love. God is hope. God just is.

Breaking Bitterness

Breaking Bitterness
Rev. Diannia Baty © 2008

I observe that most people don’t have a flavor of life. They don’t taste the sweetness in life and only savor the bitter. What you savor is what your life will become. I ask you this question. Why do you constantly taste the bitterness of life? Bitterness may be a habit with you.

For example: if you always use certain words in your speech then they become a part of you, if you start walking and favor your right leg then you will always favor your right leg, if you start chewing on your lip when you get nervous then you will always chew on your lip. My point is if you always concentrate on the bitterness of life then you will always have just the bitterness of life. It has become a habit and not a very good one.

Life then becomes bitter and everyone and everything around you becomes bitter too. What bitter habits do you have spiritually? What are you doing or not doing that is causing everything around you to become a struggle? There are so many ways that you do this and I will attempt to point some out. I also would like to point out to you that in time if you don’t become aware of these nasty habits, your soul and heart become soured.

The truth is in your heart of hearts you are aware of what your words or actions do. How many times have you said to yourself that if you take a certain action or say a certain thing that it will turn out badly?
You see, you already know what the outcome is going to be but you do or say it anyway. Why do you do it? If you are honest with yourself there are only a few possible answers.

1. You get some kind of power-trip payoff.
2. You don’t know another way.
3. You know another way but have become too embittered.
4. You don’t care anymore.
5. You are right and they are wrong.
6. You like bumping into brick walls.
7. You are addicted to emotional pain.
8. You know of another way but think you can’t do it.
9. You don’t think you deserve to be happy.
10. You think that this is the way life is supposed to be.
11. You are carrying anger issues around.
12. You are unforgiving of others and yourself.
13. Bitterness has become your identity.
14. You are not embracing spiritual awareness.
15. You have lost your connection to God.
None of the above has peace in it at all. I think you can see that.

Bitterness is pervasive. If you have this feeling in your soul, it is like a cancer and it will grow and spread into your consciousness until everything becomes bitter. You will be so embittered that you feel it immediately upon getting up in the morning. You will not feel healthy no matter what you do. Your sleep will be fitful and your breakfast will not be tasty to you. It has now lost its flavor to bitterness. When you are bitter you can’t stand being around happy content people. Indeed when you are around them you find that bitter statements come out of your mouth. You try to instill your bitterness into them. After all, misery truly does love company.
Bitterness is similar to depression but with an interesting twist. It is an after taste of anger. I have said to some that depression is simply anger turned inward. Bitterness is another display of depression. Bitterness is simply anger disguised. If bitterness were a color, it would be gray…nothing but gray. The good thing about this color is that it is a combination of black and white, so if you are a bitter person you can still pull your spiritual rabbit out of the hat.
Life does not need to be like this. Get out of your head and your life out of the bitterness vise. When you are in this negative human vibration, it feels as though you are in this big box, unable to get out.

You can do too much thinking, analyzing and mulling over just about anything.
Life starts passing you by and gets buried under all the thinking until you don’t know what the point is anymore.

Negative thinking requires a focused concentration that stagnates your abilities and bypasses peace. After a period of time it requires no more thinking. It becomes a part of you and indeed it is your default emotion. You have programmed and conditioned your brain. Whoops! Back up. Do you really want to do that? Have you ever noticed that when you are in a negative thinking or feeling mode that you can do this for hours? You sit in a chair and at some point have to get up and go to the bathroom or to get a glass of water and an hour or two have passed. Sometimes, you can loose a whole day. You say to someone in conversation that you lost a day…you were thinking about things or trying to get your head right. Actually, you were getting your head wrong. Even after an experience of losing an entire day, you felt only worse. You are not in the moment or the divine now at all. There is no peace or joy. Any emotion or feeling can be programmed to be your default setting. This is how we are designed. You do it by choice…it is not done to you.

Most people live their lives like robots with a panel of buttons to push for default reactions for anything that happens to them…good or bad. Living your life on automatic pilot causes a death of spirit. It makes you feel unreal because you have in fact become unreal. When you are this way most people who know you can predict with eerie accuracy how you will react to just about any situation.

I have been widowed twice in my life. The first time this happened I was twenty -one years old…the second I was 50. The second time I was widowed was a terrible night of darkness and shock. It felt like being plunged headlong into a surreal abyss. I had been married to this sweet gentle man exactly 10 months. His name was David. He seemed to be settled and calm and had been working for the same company for 35 years. He had a brother and a sister and two nephews. His mother was still alive and he visited her without fail every
week and I encouraged this. He was generous and loving and I felt like he was the perfect man but I am here to tell you that no one is perfect. All during the time we were dating I never detected what was to unearth itself after we were married.
It became painfully clear after we were married that he was a very bitter man. He was bitter about a divorce that had taken place 10 years earlier because of a check he had to write to his ex every month. It wasn’t a large amount but he was very angry about it. He was bitter at his brother’s successful business and his huge sprawling home. He was bitter because his brother had two sons. David had no children. All this bitterness expressed itself in different ways. If he dropped a dinner fork he would get upset. I was subjected to his bitter comments and judgments that were used often in his speech and actions. I was not a happy camper. Eventually with a little detective work and gentle questions I was able to unravel the secrets and the course of his life. He had been advised by friends to tell me these secrets before we were married but he thought it would not matter or so he told himself. The real part or should I say the unreal part of his personality was manifesting itself. You can hold a false face for only so long.

I never knew when in a flash of a second his bitterness would show itself. It was not an easy way to live. I suggested therapy and then I insisted on it as a condition of me staying. There is so much to this story but I came home one day a little later than usual and he was nowhere in the house. I couldn’t find him. I turned on the light in the double garage to see if his car was there and I saw him lying on the floor with just his boxers on. I went to him thinking he had passed out and that is when I knew he was dead. He had killed himself with a shotgun. It was a horrible dark night and one that I will never forget. His bitterness had driven him over the edge and he was gone. The bitterness had infiltrated his soul until he felt that it was the only way out. He had been seeing his therapist for only one month or so I thought. I later found out that he had been seeing a therapist for years. Once again, I was stunned.

Can extreme bitterness come to this? Yes, it can but not always.
Most people just live out their years this way and make everyone around them miserable as well.

Some people become so identified with their emotions that it destroys the fabric of their lives and in some cases destroys the person. People self medicate these issues with alcohol, drugs, gambling and other things to numb the emotions but it always returns.
There is only one way to reverse or repair this agony and that is to be in touch with your spiritual self and to be in constant contact with God. That is the only way to know peace…the only way.

Be still and know that I am God has no disclaimers. It is that simple and that beautiful. Gratitude, meditation, prayer, and commitment to the process are the way to freedom and out of the box. It is the only way out of the dark nights of the soul. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not the train coming at you unless you believe it is.

God desires the greatest and highest good for you. Honor that and know that you are a part of this divine spiritual energy force. What you think you become…stop being a robot with default settings and decide to use the higher vibration thought and emotions that come from your source.

Are you ready for another way that works? Talk to God and remember to never give up! It is time to empty your cup of bitterness.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is a song for all you spiritual seekers out there. Take a moment and feed youself something good!

If Joan of Arc could do what she did..before she was eighteen...then I can certainly get out of bed.

There are so many people in history who stood up for what they believed and changed the course of the world. Joan of Arc is one of them. I don't think I am strong enough to be burned at the stake and I am grateful for women like her who paved the way.

Do you have a hero that you look up to and if you do why? What is it that they have done or said that made such an impact on you?

I can think about what someone must have went through to be what they are and it still astounds me. You have to develop trust in yourself and have incredible passion for it.
If you are wishy-washy in any way then it won't fly.

If you sense there is something more you can do with what your purpose is then I encourage you to go an extra step. God is always close at hand sending guidance on what that nest step is. You feel it in your heart and it is strong and won't go away. It nags at you.

I wonder what thoughts went through Joan's young mind as she spoke out when she needed to? Was she afraid? Did she worry about what others thought? I don't think so, do you? She was so connected to spirit and basically didn't give a hoot what other people thought. This is just something to think about.

An Iron Fist

This article is not meant to cast the deceased in an unattractive light or to purge anger from the past. It is written to hopefully open anyone’s eyes that may have anger issues. My purpose is also to help anyone who deals with someone like this. Anger is an emotion that has deep roots and it is not one gender that I am talking about. Both genders and people from all walks of life have this problem.

Out of control anger ruins families and takes lives every day. Anyone who lives with and loves someone who is an angry person is deeply affected by it.
My father ruled with an iron fist and we lived in fear of his outbursts. We never knew when he would boil over. The smallest things could cause him to be in a fit of rage. I have so many memories of these scenarios that I could fill a book. I was the oldest of five children and lived in a constant state of anxiety. I did everything I could to please him, I thought if I was good enough, smart enough, funny enough, helpful enough that I could somehow transform him and everything would be fine. It never was. The beatings we endured were criminal by today’s standards.
He would have been put in jail in a heartbeat. He used a belt and would warn us before he started not to cry. If we cried we got it worse. Excuse me but there was a lot of pain involved in these beatings and he expected us not to cry out. We were not allowed to express our opinions about anything. He did not like emotion displayed around him. If you even gave him a look that he thought was anger he would beat you. It used to amaze me that the one emotion that he expressed freely was not tolerated in his children. He had a way of talking to us that made us feel like less than nothing. He called all this his way of gaining respect from all of us. We didn’t respect him, we feared him. I both loved and hated him.
His legacy has played out with all five of us. Some of us have never gotten over the childhood that we endured. I worked hard on myself to dispel the dysfunction that I carried forward into my adult world. I am so glad that I did or I would have lived in the shadow of fear my entire life.
God was just a concept that I couldn’t fathom when I was younger. God was for other kids that didn’t need to be beaten. God was for children who were smart and pleasing. I always felt there was something horribly wrong with me.

Every now and then I would see a ray of hope in an adult through a teacher or a neighbor that would take an interest in me and encourage me in some way. I have never forgotten them.
If you have lived this way as a child and haven’t dealt with all the inner demons than most likely you are carrying the legacy of anger forward with your children and loved ones. There is so much help available to you. You can change this and transform your dark world
into one of light and love. I beseech you to try. It is true that God has given you free-will and it is up to you how you use it.

I have moved beyond the iron fist that my father carried. I can cry if I need to and express anger in a productive way. I know that I am worthy of God’s love.
Take a good look at your life. Are you prone to road rage? Do you yell frequently at others as a way of getting your point across? Do you anger easily and act out of control? Are your relationships suffering? Have you quit or been fired from a lot of jobs? Do you suffer from health concerns that may be tied to stress and anxiety? Is feeling peaceful a foreign concept to you? Has a court system ordered you to take classes for anger management? Do you feel entitled to your anger? Are the people who live with you staying with you out of fear or love? Do you abuse drugs or alcohol? If you see yourself in these questions even a tiny bit take a hard look and decide to move past it and turn to a more peaceful way to live. Do you lose it frequently and easily with those around you? Do you take your anger and frustration out on inanimate objects like the car or a door? Have you abused your pet? Do you throw or pound on things to make your point? Do you suffer from depression?
Have you asked God for help and assistance with this?
God desires your greatest and highest good and you can start today to seek help and transform your life right now, this second. God has a different way for anger management. It is not just your life that is affected. It is everyone’s life that comes into contact with you.

You do not live on an island all alone. If all the people you care for were standing at your graveside right now what would your legacy be? What would they say about you? Do something before it is too late. It is not impossible to change this way of being. Start to take baby steps forward by making a decision to change it. If peace is absent in your life make a choice to find it and allow it to dwell within. Take it to God and let God take over. Your life does not have to be this way. If you know someone who has this issue, forward this article on to them.

This is just something to think about.

Monday, March 22, 2010

MASTERY... Prayer

Rev. Diannia Baty © 2009

On a soul level you already know there is
no incorrect way to pray, give thanks or meditate.
The important thing to note is just to do it.

The cosmic web is being plucked every time you connect
even slightly with the mind of God.
The universe responds and says “hello.”

As you reach forth and open your heart
and mind.
The universal force answers in kind.

The moment you utter,
“God, I need this, desire that, and request guidance,”
the creator answers back,
“Yes, Dear One. I have been waiting.”

Mastery knows that communication is vital.

Carry Me...A poem

Rev. Lady Diannia Baty © 2009

Carry me high
Carry me low

Just carry me
I have far to go.

Soothe me soft
and soothe me when
I come and go again
Pull me out of the hole I am in.

Carry me home
when the time is right
Carry me serene
into divine and peaceful light.


Take my tears and put them away
so I can smile another day
Carry me home
and Carry me when
I don’t know where to begin

Take my thoughts that made no sense
Put them in the vault of time
Give them to the universe
Ownership is no longer mine.

Take my dreams and wishes too
Put them into the all of all
Help me to rise and not to fall.

I remember me.
I have pierced the veil.
Time and space do not hinder.
Carry me soft and carry me well.

A Dog With A Bone

Have you ever seen a dog with a bone? They chew on it for hours. When they are finished chewing on it, they will carry it around so it is close by. After a while, they will chew on it some more. That bone is never far away.

We are like that dog with a bone when we have resentment or anger in our hearts. Not only is it ruining our energy field but it contaminates the energy of all of those around us. Whatever the situation was that caused it is long over but not for that person who still holds it in their heart. They want to be justified in their feelings so it is hashed over and over until the people hearing it realize that it has gone way past what it should be.

Righteous indignation is not a pretty sight. Why do we make such a big deal over small things? There is only one explanation and that is the need to be right. Even if others agree with us that we are justified in our feelings, it is not enough. We continue to carry that bone around. All around us can be wonderful blessings and things that should make us feel joyous but we only see the resentment. We are most certainly not in the now. If someone is petty or hurtful to us and we react in kind we have added to the problem instead of viewing it differently in a spiritual sense
and letting go of it.

Holding onto these kinds of thoughts are most hurtful to the thinker of them and the universal law of attraction will keep sending situations and people to you that will give you cause for more resentment and anger because that is what you are putting out.

Put down the bone and walk away from it. Let it go and watch things unfold for you that is entirely different. If you want peace, then you must become peace first.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunset over the lake photo


Thumping and Thinking

As I was sitting here this morning waiting for God to channel to me what to write about this morning, it strikes me that I am having trouble concentrating because they are working on my street laying cable. There is a constant thump, thump, thump sound coming from one of their machines. After a while it feels similar to what Chinese water torture must feel like. Then I had a light bulb moment. It is only a problem if I view it as a problem.

After all if the things we are looking at are not changing then changing the way we see it is the key to a higher vibration of spiritual mind. Most of the time it changes instantly and stays that way. There may be times when you have to pull yourself back to the higher thought another time or two but it is well worth the effort.

I am a perpetual student of life and life will hand me a lot of experiences. It is as if God caught my thought vibration and just sent it back as experience. I hear the words..."what are you going to do with this experience?" I get it! I get it!

So now I am hearing this constant pulsing thump and I ask, "what am I supposed to know?" As soon as I wrote this the thumping increased in speed.

It is a vibration that could be used for healing...that is the way I choose to view it and now it is not a bother any longer!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

For all you creative people out there...this explains from his view what happens when you spiritually tune in and channel the universal mind

I have tried to explain how this process works for me. Try it with anything creative that you do and report back to me what what the results were so it can be shared. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Happy creating.

Another one of my paintings..."Around and Through"

This is one of my paintings that evolved after meditating and praying and tapping into the God Zone.

This is just over three minutes and will give you a lot to think about. It could literally change your entire day

This takes only a few minutes and gives you a lot to think about for your spiritual journey.


As I sit here this morning I can feel the people out there who are waiting for me to post something new. The feedback I have been getting is wonderful and inspires me to keep going for all of you and it would seem the inspiration is like a faucet that is wide open. Every morning I ask God to lead me and assist me in posting things that will feed you spiritually, emotionally and with purpose.

God has told me that there are two God's. There is the one that we have created in our minds and there is the God of, "the still small voice." The God of the listening ear, the open eyes, and the understanding mind who perceives, knows and acts in accordance to our thoughts and emotions.
God unfolds, emerges, and evolves. That is what we need to do to line up with the universal energy that is God.
I can feel your prayers for my continued prosperity and peace and I am grateful.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One of my art pieces

Swimming in the Universe

Many of you don't know that I am an artist and I am being encouraged to post some of them so this is the fist of many. I use meditation to go into the creative realm and tap into the universal consciousness. I feel the color first and then the painting creates itself through me. I have no idea where all this comes from but many people have told me in past showings that my work looks like it came from many artists. Think about that for a moment. I sure have! I know I am being guided even in this. There is not a single aspect of my life where God is not present.

You don't need to stand in the corner any longer

Sometimes an inner struggle takes on the proportions of a war, creating literal inner hell. These conflicts can generate considerable internal damage and lead to emotional problems like depression or the physical breakdown we know as disease.

Your inner child is not being contrary. It is just that she holds a different perspective on life than you do. If as child you felt unloved for example, she will hold a view of herself, life and the world that is skewed. A child does not have the capacity to sort out that her mother has repressed sexual issues and that her father was never encouraged to openly express his emotions or her grandmother is an alcholic. All a child knows is that she hurts and that the love that she needs isn’t there. And then, she makes what I call THE FATAL STEP, which every child takes. She says, “The love that I need isn’t here, there must be something wrong with me.” The safety zone is gone and carries over.

In that moment, the downward spiral begins.

She has come to believe that the difficulties were either created by her or that they were created in response to her. She will not realize that she is just an innocent child caught in a dysfunctional situation. All she knows is that something – and she won’t know what – is wrong with her. Instead of remaining with the family situation where it was created, the dysfunction is now a part of her. She has come to believe that the problem was at least in part, created by who she was. Since she was in some way responsible for what happened, she will then carry her defectiveness with her wherever she goes. Thus she will be driven to compensate for her failings as she grows up and moves out into the world.

This will inhibit her ability to be free in life and requires that she take defensive measures in order to protect herself. She will be isolated from her passion, from her power, from her self-confidence. Making the situation even more difficult is that the injured inner child who holds the defective attitudes is hard-wired into the adult’s power. She can pretty much do as she pleases and there isn’t a lot the adult can do about it.

So today, you want to take a risk and she panics. You want to become intimate with someone and she is overwhelmed by the fear of being rejected. You want to deal with your inner pain and she fears the kind of overwhelm that she felt when she was a child.

You want to be successful in your business and she cannot permit that kind of public exposure so as the adult you have a fear of success. And as if that weren’t enough, she has the power to totally dominate your life. You have your wit, wisdom and intellect, but when it comes to emotionally charged situations, the child takes over. That is her domain. And the person who takes over is a powerless, vulnerable, scared, defective, unloved, hurting, emotionally challenged child. Back then, the world was dangerous. Big people could not be trusted. Guess what is going to happen today? You try to run your life and she keeps pulling the rug out.

It is vital that you work at understanding and healing that inner child so you can become a fully functioning adult. If you are struggling this just may be all you need to be whole. Where there is knowledge there is the absence of fear. ladydiannia!

Can I have the key to your closed mind?

It has occurred to me that the true value in a visionary, philosopher or a mystic is that they challenge us to open our usually closed off minds. We are forced to hold the door open to new possibilities. There are many of us who would be labeled a heretic in
former times in history and burned or in the case of Jesus put on the cross. Here was a rebel with a cause and they couldn't shut him up even though they tried. He is my hero when I get a little down in my quest to bring about understanding and knowledge.

If he could do what he did over two thousand years ago under sometimes terrible conditions then I can certainly keep going. Throughout time people have been persecuted for introducing new ideas and new truths. For the most part we have gone past it but it still continues today.

I have been called a lot of things. The list would include, psycho lady, Reverend Huh, cult leader, blasphemer, and irreverent reverend etc. I give it no mind because I have also been called a transformational visionary, spiritual leader, universal mystic, new age philosopher and inspirational spiritual teacher.

Every time someone gives me a nickname of any kind it means I have their attention and that is what this is all about. If you have made up your mind about something, have taken a hard line and are closed off to new knowledge about God, the universe and yourself then there is nothing I can do except to tell you that when you say that is just the way it is, you have contributed to what is wrong with our world today and that is a closed mind. You lock yourself in and others out. Imagine how it was when it was proven that the world was not flat. All those hard liners had to give up the key and open their minds with a little egg on their face to boot.

The whole ball of wax about the spiritual journey is being open to knowledge and expanding our ideas about God and ourselves. You are right smack dab in the middle of the evolution of mankind. The incredible advances that are taking place today are happening so fast it almost defies logic. Know this, when it comes to God nothing is logical.

I wonder what Spock with his pointy ears would say if he were in one of my classes? Crack the door open a bit and take a look at what is happening in the spiritual world. Know it or not but what I am doing is being validated constantly. As God said to me in a recent dream, "hang in there kiddo." I am already over the rainbow and will stay there because the hanging in is easier.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Friend... Poem

A Friend
Rev. Diannia Baty © 2007

A friend is someone who feels your tears
as they form in your heart.

A friend is someone who steadies you
when your dreams falter.

A friend is someone who staunches the flow
when your soul is bleeding.

A friend is someone who would open their
spirits vein to sustain you.

A friend is standing at the hole and helping you crawl
out and see the light.

A friend always knows without words
what history is telling them.

A friend honors the child in you
and counsels the adult.

A friend plays the flute of life
and helps you sing your song.

A friend dances the circle of fire
and calls out your name to the universal spirit.

A friend sees you beyond the body
and whispers to the earth wind to cradle you.

A friend is always and eternal
and a blessing beyond all lives.

A friend lives in you and by you and with you

Path...walk, walk, walk and walk.

This is just one of those days when I am not focused and feel a bit at odds with my life in general. I am having to work a little harder at awareness. There are days when I am in vibrational harmony with God and the cosmos with almost no effort and others it is a constant struggle to stay the course.What a journey this living thing is. Walk, walk and walk because it is an unending journey.
I just put on some soothing music and light a candle and greet my day. There are some gifts coming from the universe and I want to be present enough that I can see them and receive them and know what they are. I will use the spiritual practice of being in the now. I know it works and I will share with you later of my experience.

I am open to receive that which I asked for.
I will not resist with my thoughts.
I will stay in harmony with that which I want.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spirit Letter...Beloved Ones...Part 1

I will preface this to tell you that this is a long spirit letter that channeled through me spontaneously and quickly. I will only being posting it in parts.

Peace be with you now as always. If you want it, it is there for the taking. There are many changes going on in the universe, your world, your minds, your lives and in your hearts.

No one can say that they have not felt the urging, a yearning however slight, however strong to know more, feel more, be more and understand more.

There is a strong inner desire to change and transform that which does not serve you any longer. Only you know what needs to be changed authentically.

Everything contracts when you are unconsciously in a blind state of living. You do everything without any thought to awareness and what that means. Examine what awareness is to you and expand upon the knowledge of it.

A New Awareness of "NOW."

I spent some time with a lovely young woman today. She is educated, polished, driven
and she is very focused right now. We are both speakers and authors and are on the same page with our spiritual beliefs. She has always supported me and been very honest and open. We respect each other. I know we are true friends because she is genuinely happy for any success I may have and continues to share opportunities with me. There is no envy or competition. We don't get to visit often and so we make the time count.

I was very much in the now during the day and felt at peace and I observed her moving and shaking in her world and for a little while in my world. I wish her so much peace and prosperity.

After our meeting this morning which ran a bit long we went to lunch. As we sat there and ate our soup and salad I started to feel a bit sad that our time would be so short
and then I checked myself. Why take away from this beautiful day with those kind of crazy thoughts? I grabbed a hold of my thoughts and changed them to gratitude for the moments. All we have is now! It is all we have!

I was contaminating my present moments with negative emotions and anyway you look at it, that is crazy!
I became present to it and changed the thoughts. I was in control. I was aware of my thoughts. In that moment I felt such a sense of peace wash over me. I am so getting this being in the now stuff. It is a spiritual muscle you should put a little weight around. Oh,and by the way, I changed the thought to gratitude and the emotion changed immediately!


At first I couldn't wait to get big enough to go to school and then found out it wasn't what I thought it was cracked up to be. Then I couldn't wait to be a teenager and who could have guessed how much of a trial that would be. Then I couldn't wait to leave home and it was harder out there in the world on my own. Then I couldn't wait to be a wife and what a disaster that was. Then I couldn't wait to be a mother but didn't get to hold my babies for very long. I had so much impatience throughout my life. God told me to be still and be quiet and in the stillness I would find peace and I did.

In all the trials and traumas I finally saw the gifts and the whys and stopped saying it was bad. It was painful but not bad. These things happened for me and not to me and I have grown enough to know this.

Abraham on God...This is worth listening to! Eight minutes of knowledge

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So you think you want a Hummer?

Start appreciating the beauty of your own back yard. Too many times we are envious of someone else and what they have. We should be appreciating what we have.

It is interesting to know that while we are busy being envious of someone else's life and what they have, if we really knew what their life was like we would not be envious any longer.

We all have crosses to bear and challenges galore. We are matched up with whatever challenges we must overcome to be the highest and best version of ourselves that we can become. Therefore everyone's challenges are unique to them. You life is unique to you.

So while you are looking to trade up using another person's life as a guide you may not be a happy camper if you got the trade up. You just might be trading down.

While you are watching that man driving that Hummer that you think is so rich and happy, he may be watching you driving an eight year old car with two children in it.
He might not have a dream life after all and is thinking he would trade it all for what you have.

There have been many times I unfavorably compared my life to someone else only to find out that what they had was no picnic in the park. Bloom where you are planted and become present to your own life and what unfolds will be just for you. You have a place in this universe and it is special. Be grateful for the uniqueness of your life. How can God get through to you when your mind and heart is somewhere else? When you spiritually show up for your own life amazing things take place. I don't want to miss any of it. Do you? ladydiannia@makeachoicenow.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Going over the rainbow

I want to let all of you know I am new at this blog thing but I am reading and studying hard so I can make it easier to navigate, sign-up and enjoy. I hope to create spiritual leaders and teachers from the blog and to let you go at your own pace. It is incumbent for all of us to use due diligence to stay on the path because we are all spiritual leaders and teachers weather we know it or not. You may be very hungry for spiritual knowledge for a few days but it is a good idea to let it sink in before you assimilate something new. You should choose to walk away for a bit and chew on the spiritual bubble-gum you gave your spirit. Use this as a jumping off place to allow you to explore from within a comfort zone of your own choosing.

If there is something you want me to expand on or include, please let me know.I have appreciated all your wonderful comments, calls and e-mails. I am hanging in there.
I invite your comments and encourage all of you to sign up and register and become a member of the spiritual quest. Let's go way over the rainbow together.

This will rock you a little as it is recorded sound from the universe. If you think there is silence out there,you are mistaken

Turn up your speakers and as you listen you will actually hear some of the sounds that we chant during meditation. This is universal music that you will be hearing and I ask the question is this the sounds of God? Think about it!

How do you know that what you think is true and what you have been told is true, IS TRUE?

I have been getting so many calls and e-mails from all of you telling me how much you love this blog and I am grateful. It was my intention to address all the comments and requests I received before I started it that it was never enough. The classes were not enough and the articles I sent out several times a week didn't satisfy you hungry seekers.
In my prayers and meditations before I started it I was led to give you access to a lot of things that you could read, watch and listen to. Before I put anything here I ask God to lead me. As always, I am led. God has never let me down.
Right now at this time in history there are so many changes going on and the shifts of beliefs and authority are changing. We are changing with it.
It would have never been tolerated in the recent past to question our ideas about God
or the bible ever! Those that did had a hard time of it. I know that God is pleased that we are using our own minds to sift through the debris of what we thought about the universe and find the truths that are hidden there. We have ridden on the coat-tails of what others have told us is true for too long.
So, I ask this question. How do we know what we know, and with what makes us think that what we think is so, and with what makes us think that what we know or think we know is worth knowing? Just this question is a question within itself.
There is a growing unrest and exodus in the churches as people become unhappy with a clergy that refuses to answer or even tolerate these kind of questions. There is also a growing number of burn-out cases being experienced by mainline churches across this country in their clergy members. This has led to counseling and resource
programs to assist congregational leaders in the process of bringing themselves and their people into the 21st century.

Not all the churches and religions are on this progressive band wagon and have dug their heels in hard to maintain hard line belief systems about God, the bible and our universe. I would like to use one of Dr. Phil's questions for this. "How is it working for you?" The pervasive answer to any questions that go against the norm is, "Don't you dare question God." I say quit hiding behind what is not working anymore and use your God given mind for something other than a hat-rack. I am questioning you...not God.

The time to try and silence those who are willing to speak out and question what we have always thought to be true is gone. There are many of us stepping up and are not willing to dodge the big questions any longer.

The churches are in crisis. We are in crisis. There is a disconnect going on and it is bigger than you would think. I applaud those spiritual leaders who are willing to think outside the box and answer the inner call to turn everything inside out and be progressive in their teachings. This is what everyone is hungry for even if they cannot articulate it.

I am an ordained reverend but I do not throw the title about. I am not currently affiliated with any organized church. My church is the world, one person at a time.
When I teach my spiritual development class every week you will find me in jeans most of the time. I am irreverent and love humor to get a point across. In my speaking engagements you may hear me use a word or two that most members of the clergy won't use and when it gets my point across I can hear God laughing and encouraging me. If I have any questions I go right to my middle man.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The laughing baby...If this does not make you smile nothing will

This short talk will transform your way of thinking

The Holiest of the Holy...The sound OM


MASTERY Awareness and thoughts

Rev. Lady Diannia Baty © 2009

Observe the vine in nature’s world,
Clinging to stone which would seem to be so hard
and impervious to the vines intrusion.
The vine slowly moving puts out feeder roots
searching for tiny holes and crevices
until bit by bit it finds places to cling and grow
and grow and grow.

The stone that has a rough surface is quicker to take over
but the stone that has a smooth polished surface creates a problem for the vine,
as it has nowhere to gain a foothold.
Thus it seeks the path of least resistance.

Our spirits are like the stone as it seeks to be strong but
there are many chinks in its existence.
Polishing your spirit with the cloth of awareness
will stop the determined vines of the past from being a parasite
that will wear you down
and there will be no peace.

Mastery understands this!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

IT IS TIME...A message

It Is Time
It’s time to get back to simple living…pared down,
slowed down and wound down.
Get back to more being and not doing.

Time to play with the kids and the dog.
Time to tell those wonderful people that you love
and appreciate them. This means more than all the gold in Fort Knox.

It is time to get those watercolors out that are covered with dust and time to get that old tennis racket out.

It is time to bake that cake that you know who has been begging you to make.

It is time to throw the ball in the backyard, ride that horse, build that table or make that incredible quilt
that you designed.
It is time for simple things and gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.
This is a time like no other in history.
There is a spiritual shift taking place and you are a part of it.
Like it or not, know it or not.

Step up to the plate and own your life.
Connect with the souls who are a part of your life.
Your greatest asset is other people.
Put the true spirit of life back where it belongs, in the heart.

God Was A Biker Dude

After I taught my weekly spiritual development class last night, I was peaceful and content. Everyone loved the film I showed by Deepak Chopra, "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success." I went to bed last night full of ideas for coming classes and workshops.
I asked God to reveal to me anything I needed to know before I went to sleep. In the dream I was in the forest, which is one of my favorite places awake or asleep.I came upon an open area and and sat down soaking up all the beauty and I heard a motorcycle engine coming closer and there before my eyes was a big bike decked out in a lot of chrome. The person on it was covered in leather with helmet in place. They turned off the engine and slowly got off the bike and took off the helmet and removed the jacket.
It was a man with a shaved head and blue piercing eyes. He came to sit down beside me and didn't speak. I felt at ease with this stranger and broke the silence by asking who he was. After a long silence he said, " I am that I am and you know me. I come to you in many ways and in many forms." I asked again, "who are you and the answer was Charlie. I knew it was God then because sometimes when I talk to God I call him Charlie.I was in awe as I gazed into those intense blue eyes that turned brown while I talked to him. At one point God morphed into a woman sitting in the grass beside me.There was so much I wanted to ask but I could only ask one question and that was, "What is it that you want me to know?"
That is when God stood up once again the bald blue eyed man and as he slowly pulled his chaps over his legs and put on his leather jacket he said,
"hang in there, kid." On went the helmet and getting on the bike he waved goodbye.
What a dream! It is clear to me that God wants me to keep going and do what I do and was encouraging me. I felt so happy this morning because I know that Charlie will come again and again. It was also clear that what I have always known is true, God does have a sense of humor.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Am Diannia and I Am Worthy

I am full of ideas and information and creativity flows through me like water from mountain top. It has not always been this way and I wonder what my life might have been like had I started all this writing, teaching and spiritual stuff sooner, but I didn't and that is okay.The earlier part of my adult life was crap and a lot of it. I lived many lifetimes before I was forty. In fact I lived many lifetimes before I was twenty one.
There was so much trauma, drama and death that I hardly caught my breath when another thing slammed me into the ground and sent my already shaky world spinning. Somehow, I always managed to pick myself up and go on but there were many times I did not want to go on. Life just seemed to be so darn hard for me and the effort was difficult.

Pain and struggle was always lurking nearby and it seemed the demons of darkness were always nipping at my heels.I suffered mightily. There was very little happiness and joy. It was so sporadic and short lived that I was constantly waiting for the other shoe to fall.

I asked God on many occasions why my life was so overwhelmingly hard? The answers never seemed to be forthcoming and in fact I thought in the overall scheme of things, God had forgotten me.I thought I was not worthy enough for the creators attention. When people prayed around me at a dinner table or in all the churches I attended as a child I felt very out of place and almost embarrassed at my presence.
It was awkward and I felt like a fake who would be called out at any moment. I
felt banished from what I thought were the true loved ones of God.It was all so confusing and I felt like the red headed step child at a family reunion.

Just what were they doing that I wasn't doing? Why was I so different? Why didn't I fit in anywhere? I even looked different. I was very tall and thin and towered over all my classmates in school.

I have discovered that I am unique, creative, lovable,
attractive, strong, loving, witty and intelligent. I am fine just the way I am in this moment.I am an awesome creature. What a way to be in this world but not of it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This is just something to think about!

It is important for us to remember compassion no matter what is going on. There are times we need to step outside of ourselves and see the bigger picture. God is calling us to be present to the moments no matter what, when or where it appears.

This is just something to think about!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whoops, There it is again.

What is this delightful shiver
that is attached to no event specifically?
My Goodness, I think I am happy for no reason at all
except that I can choose to be.
I think I will just stay in the now
and practice gratitude
because that is where I was
when I felt this delightful shiver
of happiness!

The Hype Of the "Secret"

The Law of attraction, the law of attraction, the law of Attraction. You keep seeing and hearing about this universal law and many others. You may have seen the wildly popular movie, "The Secret." This movie misses the mark in a big way because it does not include enough points on the biggest part of this universal law and that is unless you have a firm foundation and knowledge of the universe and how it works you will never totally be in vibrational harmony with the energy that you must put forth.

I have the movie in my collection and have shown it to a room full of students who are on their spiritual path. It makes them think and get a little excited about their lives and the possibilities. Usually they get frustrated easily with it because most
information for spiritual seekers regarding this leave out the fact that there is more than one universal law! Unless we understand all of these laws, the Law Of Attraction will not work efficiently according to our present perceptions.

As far as the universal laws pertain, I study them fiercely and work hard and using them in the proper way. I know how life is if I am not consciously in charge of it.
I shudder when I note any thoughts of my past snafu's and goof-ups. Before I became a Spiritual Seeker I lived in the past and dwelt on the negative things and I worried about the future and viewed it with suspicion and apprehension.

My life reflected my fears and worries. Things kept happening in the same way just different players.I was overwhelmed with the drama.One day something clicked inside
me and I started actively seeking knowledge and what a journey it has been.I said once that if my life was a movie and then I realized that my life is a movie. It is the movie of my mind.I now know a whole lot more than my life before reflected and so my life now reflects that knowledge.

I will post a whole series about the Spiritual Universal Laws to enable you to step it up a bit. Prepare to be amazed. Okay, at least intrigued.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Twleve things...Video

Control, Control, Control

Let me start this piece by saying that I observe that I know a lot of controlling people. I know that control has been an on-going soul theme of mine throughout my life.
It started in childhood when my words did not matter. I was controlled in a big way by my father who ruled with an iron fist. I wasn't allowed to state any opinions or ask for anything. If he said no, it was no. If he said do something then you had better do it. Anytime I suggested something or had an idea it was immediately put down.

Now I am an adult and I have gone through the range of relationships that were in most cases controlling.I have moved out of that and have my voice and life under my command now but I am still running into people who want to tell me how to run the show and put down every idea I have and give me many reasons why it won't work or why it is wrong even when I don't ask for the input.I resist taking their words for the gospel because they are only coming from their own particular experience and unless they are a bona fide expert, I must allow my own opinions and ideas take bloom.

There are times when I see that God has put yet another controlling person in my path to test how strong my own convictions are. The controlling people have been pushing me all my life into corners that made me question myself. It has changed because I used to question myself in a negative way and now I do it to strengthen my position and thoughts.

I want to have the courage of my convictions and to know what it is clearly. So, for all you bossy controlling people out there , I thank you for being there.

The Dark Night Of The Soul

We all seem to take it for granted that we know ourselves. We think we know who we are and what we want. But, do we really know ourselves? Something usually happens to us at some point that makes us question everything we know or thought we knew about life and ourselves. We will go through a period when we will start to question everything that we previously thought to be true and it is usually precipitated by a crisis and it keeps us in a state of anxiety that can affect us physically, emotionally and finally spiritually.The chaos that is living inside threatens to swallow us whole and we feel like we are fading away from life in general. Everything that gave us pleasure or joy means very little at this time.
This is the dark night of the soul. Although it is very uncomfortable and frightening it will not last long if we are present to it. In other words call it out and stand toe to toe with it and examine it. Pray about it, journal it and examine it. It is the souls wake up call to really look at your life and weed out what doesn't work, isn't good and bring in more of what does work. It is a call for change in a big way.
If your world seems shattered it is important to know that it is you that can put it back together again.The help that you need is not another drink or another pill. It is not to be found in the soothing and not so kind words of your family and friends. It can be found with the creator's help. God does not charge by the hour and is on call 24 hours a day. Don't suffer through this alone. You don't have to be alone ever.
Remember that we we choose to ignore grows stronger until we can't ignore it any longer.