Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Energy is Changing!

Every day of August has held some change, some happening and it has been a bit disconcerting to say the least.
Spirit has told me that September will be a bit different. Here it is the last day of August and I already feel more energetic and peaceful. The shift from what was to what is coming feels so much better. 
The house has had only one showing in August but I feel that is changing also. The market is not good right now to sell but I am confident that it will sell. I had a moment of angst when I saw the online virtual tour. The house looked so beautiful. I had to remind myself why I was selling and keep the big picture in mind.
August held a few frustrations for me but nothing major and it also held some blessings. I started getting more requests for readings and I was happy as this brings in more abundance and it helps the person getting the information about their life. 
I am staying connected with God in a deliberate way working toward never forgetting that all the assistance and guidance I need comes from God.
I watched a film yesterday called, The Power of Prayer. I do know prayer works but it should never be delivered in a beseeching manner. When we do that we are adding doubt to the prayer. After all, the verse goes, "Ask and you will receive."
If you have been going through changes and challenges, take a backward glance through August 2010 and you will see where you and everyone around you has gone through a lot of ups and downs this month. It will shift toward something beautiful this month so hang in there.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Real Estate

Real Estate
This is a virtual tour of my home that is for sale in Granite Quarry, NC...
Take a look for yourself. It is time for me to move on and let someone else enjoy this big house...raise some kids and let their dog play in the back yard...gather the grapes and pears in the summer and make friends. Just click on the words Real Estate and it will take you there...the virtual tour link is on the left hand side of the listing.
I am being led to sell as I have to lighten my load.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A New Day Dawns to Create!

It is so quiet outside except for the birds.
The birds sing when the sky is starting its gray glow towards sunshine. I am easing into my day with my second cup of coffee.
I am feeling pretty good as I view all the efforts put forth yesterday. It is the kind of feeling of satisfaction a gardener gets when they have just put in their garden and the next day they walk out and survey the finished product. Each day a little more growth will be displayed. All the plants will respond from the gardener's care and energy. The gardener just knows the fruits of his or her labors will bear bounty.
Now, I will leap-frog into manifestation and how we get in our own way when trying to work this universal law.

The first order of the day is to meditate. So many seekers on the spiritual path do not take this seriously. If you aren’t meditating then you will have issues with just about everything. When the mind is quiet and you have become still, you will experience so much love and peace and you will know God in an entirely different way. This quiet still place is where you can experience heaven on earth now. This is what I call the GOD ZONE. This is where the communication with the creator is a whole new ball game. If you skip this then your manifesting prowess will be weak. If you want to master manifestation then don’t skip this. I repeat…don’t skip meditating! It is helpful for beginners to do guided meditations with a facilitator so buy some cd’s of guided meditations.

The second thing to do is get clear about what you want to bring about, real clear. The universe does not respond to cloudy requests. Vocalize it with positive affirmations. There should be absolutely no negativity in these affirmations. Do not use words such as … Need or Want. The word need is showing doubt and neediness and the word want is showing a state of want or lack. State these affirmations as though what you desire has already taken place. Get comfortable with this. If it feels silly to you that is all the more reason to keep doing it. You will be moving toward a feeling of worthiness.

Write it down. Describe what it is and how it looks and feels. Cut out photos or illustrations that affirm it. Create a manifesting journal and paste all the cutouts on a visualization board. I have a cut out of a million dollar bill on my bulletin board. I see it every day.

Visualize, Visualize, Visualize. Close your eyes and picture yourself as already having what it is that you are working at bringing about. For anyone who doesn’t regularly meditate this may be more difficult but keep at it and it will get stronger. It feels wonderful to do this and brings about all the possibilities. Put as much detail into this exercise as you can. If you are seeing yourself speaking on a stage somewhere, then what are you wearing? See the audience packed. Picture yourself at ease and powerful. Also what are you speaking about?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mastery, The Rose

Look to the rose when it is just a bud
not yet opened to show the world all its beauty
not yet perfuming the world with its scent.
Yet inside it is all perfectly formed waiting until its birth time.

Hidden in the tight ball of dainty color
comes a glory bursting forth.
Such aromas emerge and cascade softly into the universe.

It hears an ancient calling to be what it is.
It does not expect applause or even a kiss.
It asks nothing except for a chance to dance
the universal waltz of life.

It knows what it is here to do
and never tries to be
an apple
or a tree.

It says nothing except, I Am.
It does not mourn the past or worry about the future.
It does not fear death.
or desire to be another rose.
It is that it is!

Think upon this as you master your life.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Waiting for cooler weather.

It has been a hot summer and last winter was a colder one than most. There is no way to get around it. Weather patterns are changing

and it is not for the better. When I walk indoors after being out in the heat even for a minute, I breathe easier. I ask myself how anyone can survive this kind of heat without some kind of relief from it.

I could kiss the person who invented air conditioning. Some of our new technologies are great and some not so great.

I still remember seeing my first television set. It was a black and white picture and the reception was no so great. Now we have high definition flat screen viewing.

There was a time I carried a pager, now I have a cell phone. It used to cost you a mint to make a long distance call and you had to go through an operator to do that.

Let's not forget remotes. There is a remote for practically everything these days and there is my personal favorite...the GPS. Now there is no excuse to get lost unless of course the GPS is not working.

One thing we can't put on a remote is God. You still have to have a lot of one on one. No technology can touch the creator for bringing everything back into clarity and peace with a remote, without a cell phone or a computer.

So while I think thoughts of autumn days with crisp cool nights and colored leaves of gold and red, I will talk with God and say Thank You for all of it...the hot and the cold days...flowers and snow...fireplaces and cool showers, iced tea and hot coffee...blankets and swim suits and most of all for all the love that comes my way every second. I will be patient while waiting for cooler weather and appreciate what is...even if it is a bit hot for me!

Starting the day with the right tools.

Today I am going to suggest to you to try a few things that I do to get the right energy into the day and connect with God in a powerful way.

After all the usual things of feeding Hector, the dog and Miss Fuzz, the cat...I go to my computer to see if anything came in during the night that needs my immediate attention. I go to you tube and find some beautiful music and put it on auto play
so it will play one beautiful piece after another and minimize the window. Beautiful music on demand is a great thing.You never know what the next piece will be and it is always a treat for the ears and the soul. The videos with each piece is usually a meditative sight all by itself.

I always send my thoughts and words of love to God and the universe. I find music and affirmations a beautiful way to start the day.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gossip...The sharp tongue cuts both ways.

Lets face it. People are always going to talk about us. Gossip is a past time of many people. Just as it brings you discomfort and pain when you know someone has talked about you unkindly, do not do this to others. Refuse to engage if someone else is gossiping. Walk away or change the subject. Do unto others as you would have them do to you is more powerful than you would think.

I teach a spiritual development class every Wednesday night and this month we are concentrating on relationships.

Everything is a relationship of some form or another. We have relationships with our cars, pets, gardens, homes, clothes etc. The list is endless. Of course the most important relationship is the one we have with our God and then ourselves and then and only then everyone else.

Too many of us have this all backwards and that is where the trouble comes in. How can you have a healthy authentic relationship with another person if you do not have one with yourself.

It is important to know who you are and what makes you happy or sad. What do you like or dislike. What kind of food or movies are your preference? Simple questions but the sad truth is we are way too willing to concentrate on the needs of others and put ourselves and God last on the list of priorities.

God should be first because without a relationship with your creator nothing else will work right. But most of you know that already , don't you?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Suicide and the aftermath

I seriously think that unless someone is a suicide survivor that they should not be able to voice their opinion on suicide without a disclaimer stamped on their forehead proclaiming "Caution: This person is not a suicide survivor and therefore should not be opening their uneducated mouth". This may sound a little harsh, but as a suicide survivor, I have come across one too many people who shoot off at the mouth, talking about how suicide is a "selfish act" and whatever other controversial statement that they let flow freely from their mouth. I have even had one person straight out tell me my husband was in hell because of what he had done. Are you kidding me?

Life is an education, giving us lessons everyday. As we learn those lessons it is our job to teach others who have not learned the same things. So when someone tells me my husband is in hell, it is my job to make them understand that when someone makes the choice to take their own life, they are feeling so much inner turmoil that they do not feel there is another choice. Suicide is not a joke, not something someone decides to do because they are feeling selfish one day or because they want to commit a sin. Suicide is the end result of a long unfulfilled journey, a journey where one searches frantically for peace, a peace that is the only thing that will heal the severe troubles of the mind. One day, that journey becomes too much, the troubled mind takes over the right mind and suicide becomes the only option for peace. Is this unforgivable? Who are we, as people who can sleep at night and wake up in the morning feeling good, who are we to judge how one finds peace?

The only sin that comes along with suicide is the people who speak before thinking, who believe that God punishes those who have already spent a lifetime punishing themselves. These are people who are so mentally sick with sadness and depression that they are willing to do anything they possibly can to be free of that, and who the hell are we to judge their way of finding peace.

My husband chose suicide. Do I think he was selfish and horrible to leave his family? No, I think of it this way: If he was hurting so much that just waking up everyday was bringing him mental anguish, if he felt there was no other way out and the only light at the end of the tunnel was through suicide, then I have to be at peace with his decision. If I was to spend my life condemning him and being angry at his "sin" then I would be the selfish one. God is merciful, and those who speak out about suicide in terms of it being a sin should remember that.

I also want anyone out there who is contemplating this act to remember that the people they leave behind will suffer greatly. There will always be the question of what could I have done or not done to prevent this. It also leaves behind a message that this is an option when the going gets too tough. The percentage of suicides in family members goes up when someone sets the tone for the rest of them. This is not the example you want to set.

I have two words for you if you are thinking of this and that is...GET HELP! Do not suffer in silence.

The Anchor

The Anchor
By Rev. Diannia Baty

The storm pounds and rages
and I turn the pages
in my meandering mind
and dare step back in time

I go to moments crystal clear
When I shed so many tears
and my heart ripped a seam
Now all feels like dirty dreams

Backward times when filled with dread
and I wished that I were dead
Conflict announced it was my dark friend
It tried to break me unto the end.

My God did softly come to me
and threw an anchor into my sea
I was told to grab the ring
I was told to dance and sing

I protested that I was not worthy of this
It is the Holy Ones who feel such bliss
I do not deserve this thing called love
or this abundance that you speak of.

At this my mighty God did laugh
and said, "my child you are whole not half"
Use your mind and your beating heart
Know that we have never been apart.