Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Morning Spiritual Thoughts of a Miracle

For some reason this morning I am feeling more connected to spirit to God than usual. Not sure why and it doesn't matter why or even how this happened. I will accept the beautiful place I am in. I feel a miracle will show up today and a miracle can be defined in many different ways.
Being in the flow of life is a soothing peaceful place to be. This silken knowing that everything will be fine is God talking to me and I can feel the force of the universe thumping my consciousness. God, I thank you in advance for whatever is coming my way today.

The panorama of life is upon us all.
There is so much going on in our world and indeed in our lives.
Where we live, how we live
and where life is taking us and pushing us forward to is...

Change is the pull you feel and haven't been able to describe.
It is all about the spiritual you evolving toward an inner truth.
There is a yearning to know your source as never before.
There is a sirens to hear God speak to you and for you to listen!


It does not mean giving up or giving means letting go!
Let go of all attachments and expectations
and when the universe is allowed to do its thing,
all good will flow to you. You have everything you need already.
And so it is.