Thursday, May 27, 2010

When you have been hit by a train!

When you have been hit by a train.

We have to grieve what is to be grieved, mourn what is to be mourned, feel what is to be felt, object loudly what is to be objected to and then allow the intensity of our emotions and agony to diminish. If we have objected properly our agony will diminish. If we have mourned fully our mourning will end. If we have fully grieved our grieving will stop.

We are not here to agonize endlessly and get stuck in the things that hold us down. We are here to experience them and then move on so we can experience more of this life in its fullness.
We must bear our pain fully and not shut it off or it will return.

We can not live with our eyes and hearts fully open without bearing the pain. The pain is the is of pain, of seeing it as it is, knowing it as it is, feeling it as it is and experiencing it as it is. The more aware you are the more fully alive you will be through all that you will have to go through in life. No one and I mean no one escapes pain and trouble.

A wise man said to me one day that if a train hits you no matter if it is a real train or an imagined one...sooner or later you have to deal with the pain. Start by saying that your pain is real and that is must be witnessed by you. You cannot work through or bear unacknowledged pain. In order to bear what needs to be borne, you have to name it and call it out.

Receive it, accept it, witness it and share it. God cannot help you through something you have not brought into the light of your being.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Go With The Soul

This will give you something to think about

Here is to the day

Here is to the day!

"Here's to the day! May it be all that I need for it to be and may I be all the day needs of me."

That's good enough, I think, for a very simple prayer to greet the day. It reminds us that we need things from the day, and the day needs things from us. That is the deal. Show up for your life.
You have to be clear about what you need, what the day needs and understand that you are primarily in the business of seeing to it that your needs are met.

Each day needs for us to be who we are, to be true to ourselves within the context of relationships and circumstances of our lives and to do it in the spirit of compassion and genuine good will. The day needs us to be fully present and bring our gifts of soul, spirit and heart to life and to the light, in the day gracing ourselves and others with presence and perspective. The day needs you to express and exhibit that which is deepest, truest and best from your higher self.

The day needs you to bring clarity of perception to bear upon the moments and to see what needs to be seen, to hear what needs to be heard, know what is to be known and understand what is before you in every hour. The day needs for you to respond in ways that make where we are and who we are a soft safe place to be...a good place to be...a powerful place to be.

The days as they come need for us to stop being disjointed, distracted, depressed and disconnected.
We live at cross-purposes. Our desires are at odds with our ideals and even with our desires. We are a squirming mass of conflicts and division. The opposing sides of self are constantly vying for attention and control. This ego self is working hard to sabotage and frustrate and so we are constantly shooting ourselves in the foot and act out in self-defeating and self destructing ways.

We need in the day to remember the spiritual side and align ourselves with that as it is the highest truth that will carry us forward into a new reality.

In all circumstances and in very way we need for the day to show us ways to align ourselves with God.
In this way we will be all that the day needs from us and will deliver when the day shows us the way back to ourselves.
This is just something to think about.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Power, Power, who has the power?

Who Has Your Power?

Many people feel discouraged by feelings of disempowerment. This happens when we give away our power by worrying too much about what another person is feeling, thinking and doing. Rather than focus on ourselves, we channel all of our energy into a situation that we cannot control. Can we truly control another? No! So, why exhaust all of our energy into a futile cause? Focusing on someone else at the expense of our own independence puts us in a powerless position. Our self-identity is compromised when we define ourselves by the feelings or actions of another person.
Disempowered people lose control of their thoughts and emotions.

• Why hasn't my partner called?
• I wonder if I do ___, if it will cause him/her to do ___.
• How does my boyfriend / girlfriend feel about me?
• How can I make him / her love me?

The above shows how a person hands over his or her personal power to another person. Your energy is best conserved for working on yourself. Rather than moping about something you cannot control, focus on what you can control in your life. Empower yourself! If you are not happy with your current situation, figure out why.

• Do you rely on the thoughts and feelings of others to determine what you should do?
• Do you seek constant validation from others so that you can feel good about yourself?
• Are your dreams defined by what another person thinks you should do?
• Where are you in this equation?
• Do you even exist?
• Or are you just a robot that lives by the program of another's thoughts and feelings?

Self-esteem and self-acceptance issues are the primary reasons we find ourselves in this place of "need". We are not confident in our judgment. We lack the faith that no matter what happens, we will be provided for in every way. It's human to have vulnerable feelings every now and then, but it's debilitating to your spirit to constantly dwell on someone else. Let it go, realize you are the only person worth your energy and focus.
• Who are you?
• What are your dreams?
• What makes you happy?
• What is true to you?
People, situations and experiences will come and go from your life. You remove all of that and you still exist. The next time you are handed a seed of doubt, look that person or situation in the eye and say, "I respect you but this feels true to me." That will be the moment when you reclaim your personal empowerment.

Claim your life. Don’t give it away. It belongs to you and no one else. If you have been giving your power away it is time to own it and do something about it. You are worthy of every good thing but you will never get those good things if you have given up too much of your life to accommodate someone or something else. If it feels bad then do something! God did not put you here to be unhappy. Remember that!

Living Full Out!

It has been a wonderful week and I have had some moments of divine clarity and peace.
I think about my creator a lot and wonder about this and that and sometimes the wonderings are the way to creating something.
I allow my mind to go free reign and whatever wild and crazy thoughts come I embrace them. God has told me to think and live full out and hold nothing back. I have thought about that term and it is a way to just let go and live with no restrictions on being yourself. It is a way to think without holding back. It is allowing full use of your creative juice to flow.
Think about living and loving and being in a state of "full out" for an entire day.
That is a day of when I think about doing something I don't talk myself out of it or put it off. I just do it! If the thought of calling someone comes to me I call them
right then and there.
It means being spontaneous and alive with the joy of being alive. I know there are so many things I do not give full expression to simply because I don't do it right away!
It makes me wonder what I might have done if I had given expression to those ideas that came and went. Well, there I go wondering again.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Gift from yesterday at Unity Church.

There is a Unity Church about 40 minutes from me that I attend infrequently but am feeling more drawn to it as the months go by. It is a true community of diverse spiritual brothers and sisters who really love and care for each other. Rev. Julie is the spiritual leader and I love her style. The first time I met her I was able to spend an afternoon with her and I felt an immediate connection. She is approachable and treats you like family right away. This woman is a spiritual warrior who had won her stripes.

Yesterday the day was glorious. The skies were the shade of blue that makes you sigh every time you look deeply at it. It was in the low 70's and Spring has blessed this area with abundant growth. Everything is blooming as though it is a final push towards greatness. As days go, I couldn't have asked for better.

I found my spot to sit, right up front. There was a time in my life when I sat in the back of the room but no longer. My father used to tell me to get into the habit of sitting up front and center. I get what he meant. To deliberately sit in the back of the room is like wanting a house on the beach and buying one a block away. Sitting up front and center is where we want to be in our lives. You learn more and activate your heart and the knowledge and growth come pouring in.

There is always a candle lighting ceremony where each in turn can light candles in front and ask for prayers and to send healing or to acknowledge someone in some way. Since it was Mothers Day there were a lot of people lighting candles and their words were sweet prana to my ears and spirit.

I usually hang back a bit giving some of the others their time at bat but yesterday I was sitting right in front and I stood up first. I didn't even know what I was going to say when I stood up. I grabbed a long match and spoke into the microphone and lit a candle for mother earth and mentioned that she needed our help. What came out of my mouth next surprised even me. I talked about my mother and her drug addiction and how she
had changed in later years. She had morphed into something that didn't even resemble her former self. I also mentioned that having her as a mother taught me to forgive her and in forgiving her I have the gift now to know how healing it has been for me. I said the the experience of caring for her taught me not to judge. I wept as I spoke and the tears were laden with gratitude.

When I lifted my head up and looked out there were tears in a few eyes. Unzipping your soul to give others a peek inside is the best gift that you can share. I was sharing my essence with them, my realness! I was handed some tissues and given a hug by Rev. Julie. I sat down and from there person after person came up to share and before long it looked like a bonfire of candles burning with love and healing energy.

After a while I had to go to the ladies room and when I walked in there was a young woman sitting there and she looked as if the weight of the world was on her shoulders. I encouraged her to talk and she let it flow about when I spoke it activated some feeling and memories of her own dysfunctional relationship with a mother who had passed on also and how painful it was. As she shared, I counseled her until I feel that her energy had changed. I hugged her and she hugged me back. More
healing had taken place as I told her about becoming her own mother herself so she could heal the child inside. The hurt little child inside her heart needed to be loved by her. It was time to take the little girl by the hands and help her to heal.

I felt something click in my God center as I left and returned to my seat. In a few moments I noticed she was sitting down in back. I silently thanked God for showing me someone I could be of service for. After the service was over many came up to me to tell me how powerful and beautiful my words were and thanked me. Others came to tell me how much they enjoy this blog and the other...

A few words spoken from the heart can change things dramatically. Our words are indeed powerful and the intention behind the spoken words can move mountains. I took a long nap when I returned home and afterward sat out in the back yard to soak in the beauty of the day and felt such joy and peace in my spirit.

Gratitude, sharing, the love of God and Oneness was the rule of the day.
Once again, Thank you God. I am grateful.

A 10 minute meditation to listen to. Close your eyes and just listen and you will be surprised and delighted.

Something to remind you about your emotions and the awesome power of gratitude

These six minutes can change your day, indeed your life if you take it into your being.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I am filled with peace this morning and any fear or worry is far away from what I am thinking about. The veil between the worlds is thinning and as it does I feel the transformation within me take place at a faster rate. There is no way I would not want to be present for this. It feels so serene. My brain cells seem to be changing as well.
I am more focused and centered without much effort on my part. A permanent and lasting change has taken place. The Force and energy of God is so present. The oneness is being felt on so many levels it is hard to describe.
I realize I have purposely and with intention opened a doorway into the quantum world. Something wonderful is happening!

ABraham on stilling the mind and getting to the silence.

Thank you God for leading me to powerful videos for the seekers!

Abraham on Channeling

Drink this bit of powerful information and you will soon see that we are all channels to one degree or another...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This video is jaw dropping powerful in how our mind power can be!

Twenty minutes of viewing that will totally change your mind as to the possibilities.
You will find yourself watching it again and again. God created us to be powerful creators.

A More Peaceful State of Mind

A More Secure, Peaceful State of Mind

The road to self actualization and inner peace is not easily achieved without our desire to consistently work toward change. The conceptual state of being peaceful and secure in one’s self is often idealized, but when it comes to practicing the steps, we easily default back to our ingrained habits. When we become serious about changing these old patterns via our modes of thought, we’re provided with a way for re-wiring our brain’s processes.

The brain serves as the intermediary or go-between for our source self and this physical vehicle. It can either impede or accentuate who we naturally are. And it’s through intentionally re-wiring the “go-between” that we achieve a more consistent state of happiness, allowing our uplink with source energy to flow freely.

Inner joy resides at the heart of tapping into our abilities for being the deliberate creators of what we want to experience. Without finding this joy, through our own peace and security, we will lack the stability required for getting beyond the fear that prevents us from achieving what we desire. Take the journey to find the peace. Discover the happiness, and psychologically assume your place among your castles in the clouds; only then will you be capable of moving into them in your reality.

It all starts with achieving a more secure, peaceful state of mind:

1. Release the need to measure up to the expectations of others. To fully embrace this, you must also quit setting forth your own expectations for others to measure up to.

2. Never depend on someone else to fulfill you or make you whole. Appreciate all of the amazing things others can bring to your life, but don’t depend on them for creating your happiness.

3. Maintain proper perspective about the castles (I mentioned earlier) you want to create. See them as a part of the journey, not the means to the end of your unhappiness. Material items can be wonderful things, but they have as much permanence as the body you’re currently leasing. Wealthy estates come and go- peaceful, happy states of being last forever- if you make them your priority.

4. Appreciate beauty, but learn to broaden your horizons of its definition. For only when you can begin to change your pre-conceived notions of what’s considered beautiful will you accept your own “flaws” and apparent “shortcomings.” The more time we spend looking down on those around us, nit picking and pinpointing their supposed issues- the more we separate ourselves from our own self-realized, secure state of awareness. We must cease the futile approach of romancing a single standard of beauty and ridiculing those people or things which do not meet it. Consistently insulting and judging the external symbols in our life does nothing for removing our own insecurities. It only continues to promote them.

5. Devote more of your time to creative pursuits that elicit your passion and reinforce the deeper meanings you’re tuning into. Tapping into creative outlets is an amazing way for releasing worrisome thoughts and quieting the brain’s chatter. These pursuits open the channel between you and your source self.

6. Find a way to give the benefit of the doubt as often as possible. The more often we let others off the hook, the more often we will allow ourselves the same forgiveness. Remember, everything we see manifest, in our external reality, stems from a deeper feeling place inside of us- so within, so without. I always say, “Life’s not happening to us, we’re happening to it.” This entire Universe, including our place in it, is functioning for our purpose. What that is, is open to our own individual interpretation. Don’t let your reality be consistently defined by your own inner tumultuous thoughts about yourself or others.

7. Release the need to control every detail of your life. Trust in the divine nature of your inner-self to carry you toward the rendezvous points that will positively enrich your current experience. This doesn’t mean you should stop taking action, it means you begin listening for the guided direction prior to acting. Relax into the natural flow and your source guidance will come. Those that fight their own nature have no control over their experiences. Those that surrender become the masters of their personal Universe.

8. Breathe deeply and appreciate the unique, magnificent aspects of who you are. Take the time to ponder the significance of your self. Marvel at the complexity of your mind, body and spirit. No where else in this entire solar system exists another being identical to you. You are an amazing creation capable of sculpting and molding other unique, amazing creations. Reflect back on #4, and if you’ve yet to do it, use it to discover your own beauty.

I hope you found some useful information in these tips. I’m working on fully assimilating several of them within myself. As I continue to consistently pursue the implementation of these ideas in my life, I’ve noticed some major positive changes.

Once again, I’ve found the best way for doing this is to become aware, right in the moment of now. As something is unfolding, if I don’t care for my reaction, I take a step back and feel for the information in these ideas.

We have to consistently pay attention to how our brain processes our experiences, if we find our reactions undesirable. It’s extremely important we catch ourselves in the moment. Even if we are unsuccessful in making a change for the better right away- the sheer act of becoming consciously aware is a huge step in the right direction.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Affirmative Prayer...laughter

Many of you have sent comments to me about this series on affirmative prayers and how it has helped you and I am grateful. I have asked spirit questions while writing this series for assistance and confirmation. I know that God wanted it to be written.

Before writing part five I kept getting the sense of laughter and simplicity. I feel like I am being swept away and surrounded by a force so much bigger than me. It is in me and all around me and this loving presence is always there. I am sent joy every day. I find ways to laugh and experience the joy and happiness that is available. I laugh with God. My dog is always doing cute things that make me laugh. I watch comedy movies. They uplift me. I laugh at myself. Laughter massages the soul. A friend of mine sketched a picture of Jesus laughing. His head was thrown back and his mouth was open and he was laughing so intensely that tears were rolling down his cheeks. I was in awe of this sketch. I hold it in my memory to this day.

I have laughed joyfully simply because I am alive. There are people we meet who have a distinctive laugh. We never forget it. There are some people I know that constantly have a smile on their face that is so big it appears that they will break out in laughter any minute. Their smile is contagious. You can be around them for just a few moments and feel better. They are happy for no reason at all except that they choose to be. You will not hear them blathering away with negativity about their life.

I was blessed recently to be around such a person. He owns a bookstore in town and I was doing a book signing there. He has a distinctive laugh and is very easy going. I watched people coming and going in the store and observed their ease with him. His smile was constant and his laughter frequent. Before my time was over that day I considered him to be a friend. I could see why people just dropped in to chat. He treated everyone the same. I noticed his daughter who worked with him had that same smile on her face. She was sweet and helpful and made me feel at home.
Sure, you can order books on line but why would you want to when you could have this experience when buying a book?

My point to all of this is a smile often leads to laughter. We are attracted to people who smile and laugh often for a reason. Laughter is energy and so is smiling.
It is important for us to learn to laugh at ourselves and our antics. If I were on the outside looking at myself there would be many moments throughout the day that I would find humorous. I have made it a point to smile while I am working about the house, running errands and especially when I am writing. No one but me has to be present when I am smiling. I smile because I can. Think about it. Smiling costs nothing and requires no time out of your day and you can do it while doing something else. Even if you are not smiling on the inside before long your smile will project energy to your emotions and thoughts and your day is transformed. Do you work at a desk a lot like I do? Then, put a mirror somewhere in front of you and observe yourself while you are working or talking on the phone. What kind of faces are you making? Are you frowning or smiling? If you are smiling it will come through your energy field right through the phone. The other person who cannot see you perceives something good and will respond to it in kind. By the same token you will always feel their energy. If you cannot turn a negative energy field around then get away from it but do not allow it to change yours.

When you express joy for no reason at all, you turn up the light that is within you and your connection to source is made strong. It is so sweet to smile and so sweet to feel the divine presence that dwells within say hello and fill you with grace.
The fifth affirmative prayer starts as the others. Use Gods name first or whatever you call your holy source, it makes no difference.

“God, send me what I need today to be joyful, laugh and
smile with you and for you.”

The next thing is to expect it because it is coming as soon as the words and the thought leave your being. This is one affirmative prayer that your creator loves to bring into being. God is love and is already joyful. Laughter and joy massages the soul with well being. If there is tragedy and suffering in your life it is even more imperative that you put this affirmative prayer into practice. I have always had the ability to find humor and joy in almost any situation. It has carried me forward and lifted me up in many trying life experiences.
Don’t be surprised if you find yourself weeping tears of joy and mirth when you do this.

When God starts sending you what you need to be joyful and to put a smile on your face,
don’t forget to say, “God, Thank you.”

I am joyful right now to be able to share this with you. I was so busy this morning just enjoying communing with God while writing this piece that I didn’t realize I was still in a very bright caftan with candy pink garden shoes. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and found it very funny. I had a good laugh at myself. Later on, I was looking for my glasses and like a lot of you; I found them on my head. This I also found hilarious.

I chuckled and smiled and grinned into my day and there are many hours left before I rest my head on the pillow. I have been saying “thank you” a lot already. May the affirmative prayers bring you peace and understanding. I will be sending you part six before the week is over. God has guided me to (keep it simple spirit.) God adheres to the KISS principle too! In fact, where do you think it came from? God does absolutely have a sense of humor and examples of that are all around you so open your eyes and your heart, here they come. Please send in your comments and experiences about the affirmative prayers so it can be shared with others. Let me know if I have your permission to share it. Now if you will excuse me I have some giggling and chuckling to do. website

Affirmative Prayer...Fill In The Blank!

The feedback I have been receiving about the affirmative prayer series has been incredible to say the least. There will be two more after this. I do so hope that you are at least trying to put the prayers into your life as a daily practice as it will be transformative.
Below are comments sent to me.

Your/God's words are indeed what people need to hear. Bells should be ringing "I LOVE YOU" then people would truly stop to listen. People truly need to stop and listen to hear their hearts as God says, I love YOU.
Thank you for sharing your message with me. HE and I will be driving down the road together singing "I love YOU and YOU love me"
Have a joyous day......Love Debbie

Dear Rev. Diannia
How sweet the affirmative prayers are. It seemed so simple yet powerful. I decided to give it a try and I am so grateful I did. I am in a state of peace and calm now like never before. I forward your articles and messages on to many people and have been thanked for doing so.
Bless you for what you are doing. Please don’t ever stop. The world needs you. I know God in a different more personal way now. Quanta from Singapore

Lady D,
I have been using the affirmative prayers every day now and it has changed my life in ways that I cannot describe. I feel a connection with God that transcends words. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Leslie from England

The next affirmative prayer is said the same way with God being the first word and then the statement with the believability factor in it. Say it with passion. It is short and it is powerful.

“God Bless_______________with_______________.”
Fill in the blank with anyone you know. Especially those you don’t necessarily get along with or even like. If you find yourself in a judgmental state ask God to Bless them instead. You can add what you would like for God to bless them with. Maybe you want them to be blessed with patience or a more peaceful nature or insight or prosperity or release from pain. Just fill in the blanks. I was asked about addictions. One woman has a loved one who is an alcoholic and she worries about him so much and is heart broken at the way he is living his life. I told her to use this prayer to ask God to bless him with release from his addiction. Asking God to bless him instead will give her a sense of peace about it. As individuals we cannot cure another of addictions but we can ask God to intercede. Calling God into the mix is the right thing to do. Maybe you can ask God to bless you also with patience or a release from anger. Just fill in the blank.
Remember when we were children saying our prayers at night and we would ask God to bless certain people like our grandparents and mom and dad and maybe our puppy and our sister. We would ask God to please let it not rain on Saturday because of a picnic we wanted to go to. We didn’t always get our prayers answered as a child for things like no rain on Saturday but God did indeed bless all of those we asked him to. We may not have known it at the time but it was done in so many ways.
With the faith of a little child and the belief that God heard you, it is important to get back to that feeling of grace and assurance we felt when we were little.

Whatever ye ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.
Matthew 21:22
The key word in this teaching of Jesus is believing.

Say these prayers and do it in the affirmative and say it as though it has already occurred and do not say please. Using the word please denotes doubt. It assumes that God may not grant your blessings. Pray in the positive and present tense. If you are already assuming that God may not hear you then you are putting doubt in the mix and that is negative.
If you are focusing on all of your problems and putting little to no emphasis on God you will miss all of Gods messages and signs that are being sent to assist you in your life. Slow down and still yourself so you are open to receiving the messages that God is always sending. Today I am saying God Bless each and every one of you that are reading these words with understanding and an openness to use these prayers to empower your life. website

Another Affirmative Prayer

Rev. Lady Diannia Baty
I have been receiving some great feedback from those of you who are practicing affirmative prayer in their lives. It takes very little time out of your life to do this and the rewards are greater than I can put in this article. Trust me, it works.
The next affirmative prayer starts the same way as the last two and this one has only three words and it is…

“God, thank you.”

You can say just these three words or you can fill in the blanks for what you are thanking God for. Just to thank God in general is enough but many times when you are practicing this prayer so many things come to mind that you automatically start a list of all you are thankful for. I am thankful for many things throughout any given day. It may be for beautiful weather or the flowers that I planted that are now blooming and thriving. I am thankful for the crepe myrtle tree I planted that has new growth on it. I am thankful to be living in this wonderful house. I am thankful for the birds that have made my yard their home. I am thankful for my friends and supporters. I am thankful for you, dear readers.
I am thankful for each and every comment you send.
Every time I feel happiness for something I say these three words, “God, thank you.”
This prayer puts you in an automatic state of gratitude. Feeing gratitude is a powerful way to look at your life and all your experiences that unfold. I am connected to the universal source of all things immediately.
One morning about two weeks ago as I was looking out the picture window in my family room, I was struck with such gratitude just because I was alive and able to use this mind and free-will to create. I was grateful for no reason at all except that I am alive. That is reason enough. One thing that stuck in my mind is no matter how hard life may be for some they cling to it with the ferocity of an alligator. I have heard stories of people who were going to commit suicide but after they took the pills or whatever they looked for help right away. Some people who have jumped off bridges and survived were so happy that they did because they realized just how precious life is and were grateful to have another chance at it. I hear stories of people who have survived against incredible odds.
Such is the will to live, strong and overwhelming. Brighter days are always ahead if you just hang in there. If you are going to live do it with gusto and enjoy every moment and be grateful for it. Remember the three word affirmative prayer,
“God, thank you.”
Be thankful for no reason at all other than you can say these three words and mean it.
Sincerity is important. Say it from the heart and trust that you have been heard every time you utter it. This is the case with all the affirmative prayers. They are said as a statement of fact. Below is comments sent to me by one of my class members who has given her permission to share it.

These affirmations are wonderful. I have noticed a difference in myself just since that powerful class we had last week. I really enjoyed it. By far, it affected me the most out of all the classes I have attended. Since then I have been feeling more peaceful and calm. I am also having more increased experiences with precognition moments before the event. My dreams have been very busy and I wake up feeling like I've done more in my sleep than I ever do awake. I feel that a lot is going on here and I am being prepared for something. Thank you for all your insights, as I relate to them and look forward to finding out more and taking my spiritual life in a huge move forward. It's time for me...NOW. Laurette Tupper website

Affirmative Prayer

I am going to present to you a new idea of affirmative prayer .
If it is used it is life altering.

What I am about to share with you is very powerful so I need your complete attention. If you are just going to scan this then close it and open it later when you have more time to read and digest it. There is no doubt if you are reading this that you desire your connection to God to be more powerful and peaceful. You long for that connection with your source to be life changing and filled with gratitude. The yearning you feel inside to make some sense out of your life is getting stronger isn’t it?
I know how that intense longing feels. I wasn’t quite sure what that longing was when it first started with me. Even though I may have been home at the time, I still did not feel I was home. When it came to God, I felt like I was a redheaded stepchild or a distant cousin twice removed. I found myself many nights looking up at the night sky wondering if I was an alien or something. I didn’t feel like I belonged.
When I would look at mountain vistas it would make me feel very melancholy. I would have a sudden urge to fly. I wanted to know what “oneness” was that was spoken about by the avatars and spiritual teachers of the ages. Jesus said that we were one. What did he mean exactly? In fact he spoke about it a lot and in many ways. Now, I know that Jesus did live and he did walk this world. I absolutely believe that he performed some incredible miracles. He also said that the least of what he did, we could do also. It was also one of the things that I wondered about.
What was he talking about? He talked about moving mountains and the faith of a mustard seed. This tiny seed of faith once planted grows and expands until it becomes belief and finally knowledge. First plant the seed of faith.
God has been described with so many descriptions and qualities and in so many ways that you almost don’t know where to turn.

Affirmative prayer is short, heartfelt prayers that cut to the chase so to speak. These statements are said in a prayerful way to keep you connected with your source throughout the day. It should be always said in a positive way. For those of you who are uncomfortable with prayer or feel somehow disconnected I am going to help.
Your first thought of the day before you get out of bed and let the dog out is to say four words, “God, I Love You.” Say it out loud and often throughout the day. Make it a daily thing. Try not to skip a day. If something moves you with emotion while you are going about your life like a beautiful sunrise or watching a baby play with his toes say this affirmative prayer again, “God, I love you.” There are times when I say this and I get goose bumps and I feel a sense of great joy. If I feel just a little stressed I say it and I immediately calm down and become more focused. After a week or so of saying this you will watch moments of miracles unfold in your life. What is happening is that you are starting to see the blessings that are already happening and have been happening since the day you drew your first breath.
Your view of what a miracle is should give way to the fact that God has no limitations on what a miracle is. Miracles should be defined as the moments of your life graced by God’s presence. God is limitless! Put aside moments of your day to say these four words to the universal creator. Put some passion into it. Get heart centered and open your mouth and say it…
“God, I love you!”
It is vital that you understand that the emotion attached to telling God of your love
is gratitude. You automatically feel gratitude. The law of attraction states that you get in return what you put forth in thought, word, action and deed. When you say those beautiful words you are connected with source with emotion. Chanting it is even more powerful. Gratitude takes over your being. It is so sweet when you feel this. You are grateful for no reason except that you exist and are feeling God’s presence like never before. This is gratitude in its purest form. I have no idea how many times I say this in a day. It has taken on a life of its own. After a while you not only feel gratitude, you become gratitude itself. The lifeblood of God’s essence starts pumping its way into your consciousness and that is LOVE! You have become love.
Now, when you give love to someone it is in its most authentic form. You cannot give to others what you do not have for yourself. You are loving yourself by virtue of your love affirmations to the creator.
If you are hurting, frightened, grieving or suffering in any way, I urge you to start this today. I can see the shifts that are taking place as the great purge is taking place. If ever there was a time to make some changes, this is it. Our world is making its way toward something more loving and more community orientated. I feel a presence as I write this so I am compelled to say,
“God, I love you!”
I will share with you more on affirmative prayer but this is the most powerful one so this is where you start. Share with me of your experiences as you do this and I will post some of the responses so it will encourage and inspire others. No matter where you are in the world or what your religion is or what you call your personal creator, it makes no difference. Just say it.
“God, I love you!”