Thursday, August 18, 2011

Suffering is not your natural state

We were designed to feel good and be happy. If you are doing something, thinking something, saying something, creating something, feeling something that does not feel good then tune into that and figure out a way to stop it, walk away from it, change your perception of it and do something different.

You don't have to be in fear or unhappy. You can make different ...choices. You do not have to suffer no matter what may be going on. You are worthy of so much love and joy. If you desire change with all of your heart then a way will be made for you. You must really want it first and learn to know that you deserve this.

When we are in harmony and vibration with all the good that is God, doors open and obstacles are removed.

Tip For Procrastionators!

Here is a little tip for all you PROCRASTINATORS out there!
If you want to do something but don't feel motivated ask yourself what would it hurt if I just did a little something?
In other words , if you want to clean out a dresser commit to one drawer. You usually won't want to stop after one. The satisfaction of cleaning that one drawer feels so good that you may just want a little more feel good.

Spiritual Gifts From The Flu!

Spiritual Gifts From The FLU
For over a week now I have been in a forced quiet time by the flu that came to visit. I am getting stronger every day now and I am much grateful to know my body is healing. I used this time to rest and to be introspective. I used this time as a time of discovery. Just because you are ill is not the time to drop your spiritual practices.

I concentrated completely on myself. My routine was to get slowly through the day while tuning in as much as possible to spirit. I spoke to God frequently and felt comforted that I would be well soon.

There was one day when I noticed that my little dog, Hector was following me everywhere and would be close by. If I went to the bathroom, he would whimper if I closed the door. He wanted to have me in his eyesight all day. I was very ill that day and he was guarding me. I felt so much love coming from him.

I also noticed that people react to you in different ways when you are not yourself for any reason. They may be very loving and kind or they may be sort of out of sight out of mind. I could readily see the differences in personality and perception.

For now I am coming back to life as I feel I have been on another planet for a while. I felt fragile and isolated at first. Now I feel like a flower that is opening up and blooming. Every experience has a gift for us, even the flu.

My Thoughts on Boundaries

I am stating unequivocally that I will allow NO ONE to yell or talk disrespectfully to me, put me down, question everything I do or say, walk all over my boundaries or treat me badly in any way!
There comes a time when you say screw the mirror exercise, enough with allowing, way over it with peaceful solutions that didn't work, and let er rip!
When I have turned every stone and every cheek I have it is time to do what I must do.

Lessons from the animals.

There are great lesson that my pets...Hector and Miss Fuzz teach me...

1. "What's your hurry?"
2. Take naps and do it without any guilt.
3. Smell things.
4. Study small things intently like a bug or a blade of grass.
5. Be very quiet and still.
6. Show love and affection often.
7. Get close to your people and stay close.
8. Enjoy your food!
9. Be a very good listener.
10. Bark but don't bite!