Thursday, February 10, 2011

As I meditated God told me to be joyful in all things that I do and not to view anything as a chore. If I am digging in the ground to get dirty and rejoice in the earth. If I am writing to smile while I am doing it. If I am giving the dog a bath laugh and be happy. I was told that I can turn anything into a joyful event if I just choose to.


Outside my kitchen window is a rose bush that was planted a long time ago in the wrong place. It gets too little sun, not enough water and in poor soil. It is never fertilized yet it blooms with the biggest most aromatic roses I have ever seen. It hangs in there year after year and is the perfect example of the phrase I am so fond of, "Bloom where you are planted." We should all bloom where we are planted in the moment.

Empathy involves understanding anothers' heart, mind and spirit...including their motives, backgrounds and feelings. The more empathy we have for others, the more we come to appreciate and reverence who they are. For to touch the inner feelings and soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.


Miracles happen daily and we are too into our default way of living to see it for what it is. Albert Einstein said there were only two ways to live your life, live as if everything were a miracle or as if nothing were.

The Power Of Thought

The power of thought is manifested through the spoken word. If our words are not spoken-they have no power. If you don't tell me how you feel, there is little chance that your circumstances will change about that feeling. If you don't speak about what you are thinking, there is little chance that your thoughts will evolve. All thoughts lead to other thoughts when new information is added. All thoughts of the one mind are shared, but are cut off when the ego stops thinking or exercising its individuality.

Movie Star Or Flop?

Movie Star or Flop?
Imagine you are the sky and your thoughts are the clouds passing by. You can choose which thought to attach your attention to. All the others that do not serve your highest good can just keep floating on by. Become the watcher of your own thoughts and take control. Now observe yourself as though you were watching you on a movie screen. If you do not like what you are looking at then change the script. Now become the observer to what your life is. What role are you playing in your own movie!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Wisdom of the Animals

The Wisdom Of The Animals
Rev. Diannia Baty

In the spiritual development class last night we talked about energy and animals.
We discussed the amazing sixth sense that animals have. They just trust their inner knowing. They are not in the past or the future. They are in the now. Their agenda is to just be!

Their intuitive sense is incredible. On December 26th, 2004 a tsunami struck Asia and East Africa. More than 220,000 people died but almost no wild or free roaming creature died. Two hours before it struck two tethered elephants broke their chains and headed for high ground. Birds left in droves and people recall not seeing any birds...they had left the vicinity. We have tuned out of our ability to sense things. Be still for a while and just tune into your surroundings. Use all of your senses. Trust this gift that God gave every living creature.

Let's Talk about Valentines Day

Let’s Talk About Valentine Day

Rev. Diannia Baty © 2011

We are about to celebrate love. That is what Valentines Day is all about. But, I have to wonder how many people actually know what this day is all about. This is not the day you make an effort to show appreci...ation and then don’t do it any other day. Do you really think a bunch of flowers or a home cooked meal is all there is to this thing called love?

Love is a garden that must be tendered and cherished. If you let the world with all its distractions and demands intrude on your garden too much, pretty soon, the weeds of discontent and disconnection will flourish. It is subtle at first and sneaks up on you and invades every part of your life. When you let love grow by fertilizing it with kind and loving gestures every day of your life, pretty soon you have something absolutely grand.
Love grows the more it is expressed and shared.

So in the morning before you start your day give every one a hug and a kiss and don’t leave out the family pets. I give the dog and the cat a cookie to start the day and then I make some coffee. I tell them Good Morning and send them love! These two pets are the most obedient loving animals. They respond to love and it keeps them happy and full of life. If your son needs help picking out a shirt or your daughter wants to know if her hair is okay take a moment and respond with love and put irritation aside. If anything happened to them you would want this moment back. The next time you talk to your mom, dad, sibling or co-worker respond with love, no matter what. If a waitress slams a plate a little hard down on the table or forgets your water…don’t grumble, show some love! Turn the tide!

Show some love to Mother Nature while you are at it. Feed the birds. Water your houseplants and give them some fertilizer. Show some love to your car and clean it out and run it through the car wash.

So it has occurred to me in conclusion that love is all about gratitude. You should be grateful you have someone or something to express love to! This includes you. The most important energy you should be expressing love to it first is God and then yourself. I express love to God first thing every morning.

Whatever you call your God, you just say,
“Good Morning God, I love you and I know you love me too!”
Now you are really expressing love.

The spirit of Valentines Day should be kept alive every day…not just one day. We need each other and were put here for each other. We would do well to remember that. How we are in this world is more important than you know, especially at this time of change and transformation. Love is an intention so I ask you, what is your intention today?

Tracing Fear

Many times when we fear something, it can be traced back to childhood.
Examine your fears and go back with them and see if you can discover it's point of origin. When you discover it... it will simply vanish.

Miss Fuzz, The Kitty Queen

MISS FUZZ...The Kitty Queen

For just a moment I want to share about the resident kitty...Miss Fuzz!
In a years time since she moved in with her caretaker she has gone from hiding all the time and not wanting to be picked up to a true Kitty Queen. She follows me like a puppy and will come to me when called. She demands attention now... w...anting to be held, rubbed and talked to.

All you have to do is grab her brush and she is there in a heart beat. When she first got here I pretty much left her alone. I figured that if she could do this "getting to know you stuff," on her own terms it would be exceptional and I was right.
I have taught her to tap on the door when she wants in and out and she takes that to its limits sometimes. I have to keep the pet door closed during the winter. She loves the outdoors and will ask to go out when it is below freezing...then of course after ten minutes of hunkering down and puffing out her fur, she gets cold and wants back in. I suspect she has some kitty friends out there.

In any event I have watched this cat become a Kitty Queen and I am honored to be a part of the journey. What I have learned from being with her is to give people and pets... space and take your time getting to know them. I learned the patience is its own reward.

I am grateful for so many things and Now I am grateful for Miss Fuzz and the gift of love is shared and expands.

If you are with someone because you want or need something from them...that is not love. When you want to be with someone just because you like their company, you are getting closer to what love is.

Relationships are more than you think/

Relationships Are More Than You Think
Rev. Lady Diannia Baty ©

When I say the word relationship most people think of it as what occurs between two people but it is far more than that. We have so many relationships on an everyday basis but the most important one we have when we open our eyes is the day itself. We can declare that no matter what it will be joyful, productive and centered with God or we can bemoan our fate at another day to get through. We can see the magic that is all around or we can ignore the blessings that we have. Sadly many of us just don’t see all the abundance that we already have.

The second relationship we have is our body. We go to the bathroom and brush our teeth and start to get ready for the day. Everything we do is in relationship with us and us with it whatever it is. What is your relationship with your teeth for example? Are you flossing or ignoring them hoping for the best? When you go into the kitchen are you skipping breakfast or eating fatty foods that are bad for you? How are you treating your body? What is your relationship with it? Are you in tune with it? Are you full of stress and having one too many glasses of wine and way too much fast food? Is that pain you feel from time to time that you call gas really a sign post that your ticker is in trouble?

Now what about your car, motorcycle or bike? What are you using for transportation and how are you treating it? Is the car’s floorboard an impossible thing to see? Is it covered with trash and papers? Do the windshield wipers need to be changed? When was the last time you got an oil change? What is your relationship with your car? If you treat the car well it will treat you well.

Do you have a pet or several of them? Do you take the time to train them, feed them properly and exercise them? Do you give them kind loving attention? How do you interact with them? Do you have them chained to a tree and sometimes forget to even feed them? However you treat them it will come back to you in one way or another.

Everything in your life, you have a relationship with. The quality of the relationship will determine the quality of your life.
Now let’s go into your relationships with people. Your spouses, children, family, friends, co-workers and those you meet everyday like the store clerk or a waitress serving you are all people you have a relationship with. Are you friendly, open and loving? Do you take the time to listen to them? Are you respectful and kind? Are you gruff or rude? How do you interact with them?

Do you take it all for granted?
Is your life a constant struggle or does it run smoothly? Are you depressed or joyful? Are you full of gratitude or are you complaining about what you don’t have?
It is time to take stock of your life and all your relationships. How are they doing? Really?

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with God. Do you give this relationship the time and attention you should? Is God an afterthought or you only turn to God when times are bad or difficult. Do you have conversations with God to say hello and I love you? Do you tell God how grateful you are for your life? Do you have conversations with God to tell your creator how everything is going and where you need assistance and guidance? Do you do the opposite and complain and whine to God and then tell everyone who will listen that God doesn’t answer your prayers and you don’t know if God even exists?

God lives within and in this moment and not in the past or the future. God exists within your very DNA and your cells. God is in you! God is with you every second of your life and beyond. God is constantly listening and sending you messages. Have you learned to listen? Are you friendly, open and loving toward God? What is the effort you put forth for this relationship to endure and be fruitful? Is it only once a week when you go to church? Do you take God seriously?

More importantly have you taken the time and effort to know yourself and what makes you tick and what your issues are that must be changed? What are people telling you about you? Are you listening?

Do you think you know it all and have all the answers? If you do then it is time to stop yourself cold and start all over again.

Life experiences will continue to show up as signposts that there is something you need to pay attention to. If you don’t pay attention then they will just keep re-occurring. Are you noticing that the same things keep happening over and over?
Life is truly what you make it. What you put out in thought, word, action and deed will be returned back to you. This is the universal law of attraction.
There are no exceptions to it.

It is what it is. If you desire a better more peaceful abundant life, then get busy and take stock of your relationships and be fully present to them. The spiritual magic that starts to take place will be glorious beyond belief. I can only speak for myself and that is to tell you that my life is full of spiritual magic and joy. Every day is beautiful and full of blessings. Now is the time to get busy and make some changes as the energetic shifts that are taking place on our world are getting more intense and your issues will be in your face much stronger than ever before. There is a calling afoot to invite in Gods grace and acknowledge the oneness with the earth and all your fellow sisters and brothers.

That uneasiness and longing you feel is to get back and with your creator. You are feeling a calling to know that you are not separate from Spirit and never have been. You are being prompted to get back to your spiritual home.
There are knocks on your consciousness constantly. Acknowledge them.
In whatever form it comes, pay attention.

Knock and the door will be opened but more importantly when something knocks answer it. It is time to show up and be counted. Becoming the highest and best version of you is needed. Will you be present to it? Will you participate? You do matter and you do count. Your uniqueness and your gifts need to be shared and not locked away in desperate mediocrity. It will all be over someday. Your physical body will pass away. What are you leaving behind? What is your legacy going to be like? This is just something to think about.

Claim It

Rev. Diannia Baty 2011

Claim what you want. If you want to be a writer claim it. If you want to dance, claim it...If you want to be a cook...claim it. If your goal is to just be what you want to be in the moment, you will find great spiritual magic there.

...If you are concentrating on the end result, you have lost the message of this.
Do not measure your results against someone Else's performance. Do what you do and do it because you can. If you can open your mouth and squeak out a song. Sing it with gusto and joy! Your squeaky little song may be beautiful music to the ears and heart of another. Write that poem just because you feel like it and share it. If will be a literary masterpiece to someone. Do it because you can. Be what you are and claim your mastery. Share your gifts and talents with the world in whatever form it takes.

The Chuckle and the Message

The Chuckle and The Message!
I just asked my God if there was anything else that needed to be shared today. I heard a little chuckle in my spirit. I wasn't sure what that meant so I asked for clarification and I received a little laugh!
I scratched my head over this and once more I asked the same question...the answer I got was this...

Dear One,
There is always something else to be shared and you are doing fine. The only thing I might suggest is balance. I know your love of teaching and writing is strong but you must honor some of your other gifts from time to time and develop a new found interest in them so they too can bloom. Incorporate some of your writing with your art...bring two forms of your creative energy together. Your studio awaits you. As you said..."Claim it!"
Our laughter comes from the soul...the all...
I Am
I Am
I Am

Wake up call

Okay, A wake up call for you. How many hours a day do you spend on social media?
It can become an addiction as strong as any drug. If you don't think this is so, try cutting back and see what happens. Don't be surprised if you become irritable and sweaty just like a junkie.
It will create a big inbalance in your life. You will find your... relationships are suffering as people beg for your attention and then stop caring at all because you have become so disconnected that your spirit has almost died. You will feel strangely more alive only when you are on the computer
and can't stay away from it.
I am only on the computer for a few hours a day. I walk away and get on with the business of life. I use the computer and social media as a tool and do not allow it to use me and drain my essence away. I am far too special and unique for that and so are you!

Chicken soup and respect

I slowed down this afternoon and wanted to make some chicken soup. It was delicious and full of garlic and spinach. It smells so good here. I am sure it will scare off any flu germs and vampires.
While I was deboning the cooked chicken the Dog, Hector and the Cat...Miss fuzz came in to say hello and look up at me with their big round eyes requesting a treat. They were very respectful in their asking. The chicken must have smelled very good to them. I grabbed two small dishes and gave them both some chicken and they gobbled it up...each respectful of the others space. It was peaceful and made me feel joy to watch them. It reminded me that no matter what is going on respect the space of others.