Monday, May 23, 2011

A Huge Gift From God!

Rev. Diannia Baty

Yesterday I took a drive into the mountains to visit a friend I have been looking for for twenty years. Her children now have children of their own and there will soon be a great grandchild born. One of her daughters flew into my arms and hugged me for so very long. As we sat on her porch swing watching the birds and catching up on all the years, I knew so much had not changed and so much had.
We had both taken a spiritual path and had experienced some wonderful things because of it!

Her husband has died so I did not get to re-connect with him. For some reason I was not supposed to. He was very dear to me. Now in our later years we find each other and soon it will be revealed what we will be for each other. With her there was always an unconditional love. So rare these days!

We laughed at some of our memories of things we did together, floating in the pool and eating tomatoes out of the greenhouse, dancing until our legs were
sore, laughing at the antics of her children and the dogs, getting drunk on Saki and watching one of girls getting married, hiking and rock hunting. In no time at all, it was as if we had just seen each other and all the years were wiped away as we found peace and joy in the presence of the other.

I gave her a copy of my book and copies of the two teaching and guided meditation cd's I had done. She looked at me as if this was no surprise to her to find out that I was an author, life coach, public speaker and a spiritual teacher etc. Her quiet acceptance was so loving.

I have missed her, oh God, how I have missed her. God sent to me what I needed and a hole in my heart has been healed! I didn't even know that I needed it! Funny thing is she wanted to find me also.

What a huge gift the universal God has sent to me! I will willingly receive it and claim it!

I always tell my God that I am open and ready to accept anything that is sent for my greatest and highest good. God never fails to amaze me! If God is that amazing then so am I because we are one and I am so grateful that I woke up to that fact!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Mud Pies For Me!

No Mud Pies For ME!
To all my fellow light workers!
Well, It's happening again. There is a woman in town who barely knows me that has told someone I know very well, to watch himself and to be careful around me. He was gracious enough to tell me what she said. My quandary is how do I approach this to handle it or do I just ignore it and walk away? What is the greatest and highest good here.

The issue at hand is she knows many people and is highly visible in our town. The few times I have been around her I treated her no differently than I do everyone else. A few close friends have told me they feel she is jealous of me and my abilities. Each time something like this happens it is less in its impact on me .

That is the funny thing about life, even if you don't want conflict, it will show up and the trick is what do I do and have I grown enough spiritually to do whatever it is I must do. I was told a long time ago that living in a spiritual awareness did not mean that my life would always be peaches, puppy dogs and roses. I got that and I am okay with it.

The human side fights with the spiritual side constantly and I work hard to be in a state of awareness so I see it when it arrives and respond and not react. There is always a lesson there for me. I realize that to be angry would only mean that my ego had taken hold and was giving mental energy to something with a negative spin. I also know I am not in a category all by myself. There are many others who have this particular issue to overcome.
Thus far I have used what I know has worked in the past, spiritually that is. I took it to God and the Universal Truths. One of those things I must remember is Not to take it personally. Yes, this can be difficult but it can be done! The way I do this is by asking myself this question...

"What is it that hurts so much or is causing such a
fearful place in this person that they must strike out at me
to feel better about themselves?"

I am human and at first my nostrils did flare and a low growl went through my spirit. I moved past that quickly. Wrong vibration, big time! That anger thing only screws with my peace and I give energy to what they are doing or saying. Anger just gives someone else an invisible stick to keep on beating you with.

So there it is in a nutshell and being one that strives hard to practice what I teach...I will let this go...let it slide and send her a blessing and a prayer. I have a life to live and things to do and this beautiful life I have totally deserves my attention.
Play in the mud you get dirty, play with the dogs and you will get fleas.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A New Gift from an Old Memory

Every now and then we are not thinking about the past. In fact we are right square in the now and feeling peaceful and serene when out of the blue something from the past comes in to say Hello. For me it came in the form of a male cousin who I have not seen or spoken to since I was about 15. I am 61 now and the memories came flooding back of spending a few summers at their place in Salem, Virginia.

They lived in the mountains in a very isolated rural area at the base of a mountain with a creek running through their property. There was one of those corner gas and grocery stores that looked as though it had seen better days. I went there several times. There were 4 children in my aunt Lucys house and 5 in ours. There was always someone going to the store for bread or something so a group of us would walk there. It was two miles away. So a 4 mile round trip was pretty common on almost a daily basis. When we got there...there were ALWAYS a couple of real old guys sitting on the steps "Jawing" as they called it. It is a country word for talking.

It was a carefree summer with no worries and I was slowly waking up to myself as a person. Even back then I was a people watcher. I would talk to them a little. I can hear as clear as a bell how one old guy would always say, "I stopped for a pop and Jawing." I remember thinking that this was a long time ritual for them and how many hours had they spent doing this.

Days were spent walking the creek. It was spectacular back there. Ice cold water running over slate rock and mica. My youngest brother caught a fish with his hands during those long peaceful days. I thought he was going to wet his pants with excitement when he came into the house clutching this small trout. I thought that was way cool! We picked berries and spent time at a rare commodity for a rural area...a public swimming pool. At 15 in my red two piece bathing suit, I did not lack for company.

This time the memories found me and I invited them in to play in my mind and I saw all the blessings that flowed during that time in my youth. I let go of all the so-called bad things and viewed with my spiritual eyes all the wonderful things that happened.Perception Is Everything.

This time I just left the memories flow and was viewing them off the scale differently. My perception completely changed and it felt so good.

A Rampage of Simplicity

Rev. Diannia Baty

The last time I filled my car with gas it cost me over $70.00! That is a lot of money any way you look at it. Gas is now hovering close to go over $4.00 a gallon. Really!
The last time I went to the grocery store and brought home one bag of normal groceries, nothing spectacular it was over $40.00 and that was wit...h coupons. Without coupons it would have cost almost $60.00. That means on a normal day of filling up the car and buying one bag of food I spent over $100.00.

I am blessed that most of my work is done from my home. I do not have to commute. We have also started a garden and we are storing seeds. I am going to learn to can foods and we have a food dehydrator! I do a lot of cooking in my great kitchen so eating out is a treat, not the norm. I remember going to my grandmothers house as a girl and seeing shelves lined with canned goods in her basement all from her garden. She told me that getting her hands dirty and breaking a sweat with a garden made her feel so close to God.

I try to remain aware of how and when I run my errands and plan accordingly. Anything that has to be dry cleaned is being given away. It is an un-necessary expense. There are so many ways we waste money without thinking about it.

I am easily entertained by reading, writing and listening to music. I keep an eagle eye on my life to see where I can cut back and be more efficient. I refuse to be a victim of this economy. I am pro-active!

What I am trying to say here is our world is changing and we have to change with it if we want to be in control of our life. We must make changes where changes can be made and trim back the excess! As a nation we have become spoiled by stuff. We have way too much stuff and excess in our lives. Technology is ruining us and ruling our lives. It is time to get back in touch with your essence and your loved ones. I know couples who have arguments by texting each other!

I am calling for a rampage of simplicity. I am sending out a sirens call to make your life a more viable real thing and to get back to the roots of Spiritual Consciousness. At our core we are good loving beings worthy of a wonderful life
but we have to participate and be present to the changes.