Monday, July 19, 2010

Spiritual Changes

I have been going through some transformation and change. The first thing I have noticed is when I meditate, I go deeper, faster and it is more intense. My intention to be aware and present to my thoughts is more on point as well. Just this morning I got such joy in feeling the wind flow over my body.

I am so much more connected to the earth than I have ever been in my life. The birds and the plants seem to call to me to be still and drink it all in.

I am in a state of gratitude and when I am in a gratitude attitude, my day is so very beautiful.

I am going through a bit of worry and I work hard at moving it along because I know it is based on some future time. People generally think that because I am a spiritual teacher that I am peaceful and joyous all the time. This is simply not true. I have my challenges just like the rest of you. The difference is that I have the right tools to get me going forward and out of the mental constructs that I used to operate under.

When I catch myself in a negative state and realize later that it drained my energy because I allowed it to distract me, I almost feel silly. I more than most know about the power of our thoughts. I have neglected certain practices because of the worry that I allowed in and that will stop today.

The universal law of attraction is always at work.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We The People...First you tube video of Rev. Diannia Baty


Rev. Lady Diannia Baty © 2009

I wanted to express my thoughts on love and gratitude. It is my belief and experience that when we are expressing gratitude to our source
we can suddenly be hit with a wave of emotion that can make us weep and feel euphoric. In that moment it can be intense and so beautiful.

What we are feeling is concentrated focused love from our creator and the universal energy of all. We are feeling God’s heart. We are feeling bolts of love. I have tried to describe this bolt of love to someone who is new in the practice of gratitude. I encourage them to practice gratitude until it becomes a natural part of their thought process. All I can tell them is…can they imagine feeling this incredible inflow of love often? It is not a rare thing. It can be something that sustains us and lifts us up long after the intensity of the experience has passed.

Talk about basking in the glow. It is amazing.

There is no drug that exists today that can even come close to producing the experience of being one with God’s heart. For me it is an endorphin rush beyond anything I have ever felt. It is truly feeling washed with the Holy Spirit. I spiritually and emotionally crave God’s presence in my life and to know and feel it in a powerful way.

It is interesting to note that I have been receiving messages regarding gratitude my entire life. It started as a child when my mother told me to be grateful for the oatmeal I had for breakfast instead of complaining that we were eating it again. She said if I were starving I would surely be grateful then. Our spiritual teachers come in many ways and forms. Years ago, I had an old clunker of a car and it gave me a lot of problems. I was at the garage again getting ready to pay for repairs that I could ill afford and grumbling about it when the mechanic said I should be grateful I had at car at all. He was right.

Later, I was in a serious car accident and had been hit broadside by another car. My car came to rest two inches from a gas pump after my car spun around in the intersection. When the police officer arrived he found me very upset with the soda I had been holding dripping off of me. I had a scratch and a bruised knee. My car was totaled and I was whining about it. He said I should be grateful I was alive and the car could be replaced. He was right. It was an extremely close call. Then there was the time I had my heart seriously broken by a man I loved so much. He had betrayed me in a callous horrible way. I was pouring out my heart to a friend and she said that I should be grateful that he revealed to me what kind of person he was. Now I could go on and put it behind me after I healed. She was right.

Time after time I am reminded that gratitude can be expressed no matter what has occurred in our life. I am so grateful for many things. It is the only way to start my day after I wake up and express my love to God and affirm that I know I am loved in return.
When I started my spiritual studies in earnest one of the first things I read about was gratitude and how powerful it was. Jesus spoke many times about expressing gratitude.
In almost every ancient spiritual text there is something about gratitude.
There are 138 passages of scripture that deal with the subject of giving thanks.

When you start to see the good instead of the negatives in life you are half way there. The reasons may not be revealed to you right away but the blessing is always there. I am blessed to be able to convey my thoughts to you so that you can seek a few bolts of God’s love too! It is a funny thing about gratitude, the more you do it the more you want to do it. Expressing gratitude is addictive but this is an addiction that I welcome. We are sadly conditioned to concentrate on what we don’t have and don’t want. We should be putting our thoughts on what we do have and what we do want and being very clear about it. Every time we put forth thought and emotions it has a vibratory nature that shoots out into the universal quantum soup. All is energy. We are energy and thereto so is whatever we may consciously or unconsciously issue from our mind and lips. We are not an empty vessel. We are constantly in motion expressing and attracting.

Our Source, Creator, God, The All, I Am…charges toward you in a speedy way when you are expressing gratitude. It is a form of love and ergo it attracts it right back at you. You will find when practicing gratitude that there is no room in your mind for negativity. So, go ahead and be mindful of gratitude so you can feel some bolts of love sweep over you and fill you with sustainable joy and peace.
Do not wait to grow blind in order to appreciate your eyesight. Do not wait to lose your legs to appreciate being able to walk. Do not wait until you have nothing to appreciate. Be grateful now!

It is not enough to have free-will; the main thing is to use it well and in a deliberate powerful way.
Why not use it in gratitude?
This is just something to think about.

What is your story today?

Rev. Lady Diannia Baty

If what you are looking at isn’t changing then change the way you look at it. What is your perception of the world? Is it hostile? Is everyone out to get you? There is popular saying that has been around and that is “Life’s a bitch and then you die.” How about the quote that the only two sure things of life are death and taxes? I asked someone a few days ago how they would describe life and the answer was, “you live, you struggle and you die, end of story.”
Do you know people who think like this? Are you a person that thinks like this? If you do then I can tell you that your life is reflecting those thoughts. You are what you think.
When you are asked, “ how are you?,” how do you respond? Do you answer with a litany of complaints about your health, your job or maybe your relationship?
My response is always the same, “I am excellent.” No matter what it may be at that moment, I always say I am excellent.

What are you going to tell the next person you speak to when they ask how you are?
This is just something to think about.


Your Reflection is Perfection
Rev. Diannia Baty © 2008

There you are stumbling out of bed and you go to the bathroom to brush your teeth and as you look into the mirror there you are looking at your face. Do you make a face at yourself because you don’t like what you see? Are you checking out your wrinkles and spots? If you make comments to yourself that you are getting old or you are unattractive, you have already started your day in a negative way. I used to be that person but not any longer. I have learned to love that face looking back at me. It is the face I have and nothing short of plastic surgery is going to change it. I refuse to give into the craziness of this pervasive mentality that we must be perfect. I say perfect by whose standards?

I have a friend who is older than me and I think she is absolutely beautiful. For a while she was bemoaning her face and its imperfections. She started looking into plastic surgery. She went for a consultation and scheduled the surgery. She was so excited. She got cold feet and decided instead to check into another avenue. The consultation revealed that she was not a good candidate for "thermage." She didn’t have enough collagen in her skin. The botox injections were not for her and she ended her search with a good facial. After all this, she came to terms with her face and seems quite happy with herself now.
I am glad because when I look at her I see a lovely self-assured woman who has grace and elegance in her movements and speech. She exudes a peaceful calmness
and power that can not be purchased in any store or taught in any class. This is something that is in her inner being. I do not see wrinkles or imperfections. I think she is absolutely beautiful. She is a teacher of spirituality and inner peace and after her search for a more youthful face she is more at peace with herself and this will make her a better teacher. A wonderful thing happens when we accept who and what we are.
People we come into contact with accept us completely because of the thoughts and energy we are putting out there about ourselves. They see us as we see ourselves.
I am not saying that it is wrong to get plastic surgery if you feel it is necessary but if all your friends and family are telling you look great to them, maybe you should listen to them. If your body is less than perfect, get some exercise. Go for a walk and start doing something to change things instead of whining about what you see. When you feel better physically it will change your world mentally.

How about checking out a lift from the inside out? Your spirit may be in need of some spiritual medicine of self acceptance and learning to love the person that you are. Embrace all your gifts, talents and good qualities. Have a consultation with God. Learn about the inner you. What is in your heart? What is your purpose?
What is your joy? Are you starting to see the bigger picture here?

If you want to talk with God and have a heart to heart with your creator, there is no waiting for an appointment. The consultation is always free. The surgery is also free.

God will help you carve out all the inner wrinkles and smooth everything away. God gives you something that cannot be purchased anywhere in the universe…love and peace. You are also given free-will to make choices and figure this life thing out.
There are a lot of so-called beautiful people out there who are desperately unhappy
because they have no inner core and strong values of spirit that will carry them forward. The media is full of stories of these hungry souls who are dying inside.
Now, when you go look into the mirror… the face looking back at you is just a skin mask and it is not who you really are. You are beautiful and unique! Smile at your reflection and when you do this you are smiling at God and admiring the handiwork
of a force that makes no mistakes. In this journey of learning to love myself a wonderful thing happened. I fell in love with God and myself. In gratitude I am thankful for the wrinkles and freckles. Ah! What perfection your reflection is.

You can run but you can't hide.

Have you ever tried to hide from yourself? Can’t do it, can you? Now you can try in many various ways through abuse of drugs or alcohol but it doesn’t work. In fact, then you have another problem added onto the problem you are trying to escape from. You may try to escape from yourself by addiction shopping, gambling or promiscuity. Now you have created even more problems.
Some people move across the country but that doesn’t work either. Geographical cures only make whatever issues you have bigger. There you are in a new place, new city and no support system at all. You are more miserable than ever.
All this because the pain of looking at the real issue at hand is just too much. You don’t think you can handle it. Maybe you aren’t really sure what it is. You can’t just ignore it away.
You get to a point where you can’t stand yourself. I ask the question…who is the who…who can’t stand you? You have become miserable with your own company.
Everything that you utter becomes a complaint in some form. Nothing makes you happy and you dread the next day. You just know it will bring more problems and pain in some form.
You may find that people are not returning your calls or cutting the conversations short when they answer. Your negativity has permeated every conversation and social outing. People will try and listen and give advice and solace where they can. But if you are resisting at every turn with more negativity and complaining, is it any wonder that they don’t want to play in your sand-box anymore?
Have you ever watched children at a playground? If there is a problem they will address it immediately or they will take their toys and go home. If the other kid is not playing fair or whining and complaining, they don’t want to be around it. You might even hear them say that they don’t want to play with the other kid because they don’t play fair. Children are just tiny adults and we can learn a lot from them.

If you find yourself consistently unhappy there are some core issues than need to be addressed. I am not talking about what I call the “generic blues” that happens every now and then. I get these “generic blues” when I am overtired and just need to rest.
It is my body’s way of saying slow down. When I get the rest I need the generic blues go away. But even at times like this I am monitoring my thoughts and I keep the complaining to a bare minimum and usually to myself.
If you desire change then you have to start somewhere. What habits do you have that are sabotaging your happiness? What is the one key element that would make change possible?
If you are so miserable that you watch too much TV, then limit the time that you do this and replace some of these hours with reading inspirational material. If you now say you can’t concentrate enough to read then how about audio cd’s instead? There is always an answer for change. Change something. If you wake up in the morning and don’t shower until hours later, then try taking your shower first before you do anything else. It may seem like a small thing but this one change in your routine will do wonders for your day and your spirit.
Always start with baby steps. You have to crawl before you can walk figuratively speaking. The little things will not overwhelm you and you will have a sense of personal pride that you did it. This sense of accomplishment however small is powerful.
Have you been talking to God? If you haven’t then start. If you do talk to your creator are you always complaining? If you are then make this one of your changes.
Try telling the universe what you are grateful for. If you are reading this and your eyes can track the sentences this means that you can see. Be grateful. Some people are blind and have to rely on the Braille system. You can always find something to be grateful for. How about that coffee you are drinking or the tea you are sipping?
Be grateful that you can do this. Some people have nothing to eat or drink.

One more thing is certain, your God is not going to take the toys out of the sand box and go home. The eternal love of the creator is boundless. God always plays fair.
Start today this moment and make a change. Make it a tiny one and sit back in wonder and awe when you observe how it has already started to lead you to peace.
You are the co-creator of your world. You were given choice through free-will.
Be grateful for that if nothing else. If you know someone who is struggling…forward this on to them. You have free-will to do that. It may make a difference. Isn’t that what we are here for to lift each other up and make a difference in each others lives? We are not in this world alone. We are one! Come out of your hiding place.
God always knows where you are anyway. Can you just imagine what God can bring to the playground if you allow love to fill your heart?

We are created from love to be love.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

MASTERY...Giving and Receiving

Caring for others is our cosmic responsibility.
We are each an individual expression of God.
We must be in state of compassionate awareness to everyone.
Giving and receiving is not a simple act.
Many of us suffer guilt, anxiety and worry over an act of kindness.
Once we give we must release any desire for recognition or appreciation.
Give with no agenda attached to your ego.
Give with no strings attached.
Give unselfishly and ask yourself,
“ How can I serve this person or situation best for the greatest and highest good? ”

is learning to give and to receive