Sunday, February 28, 2010


Crazy, I Think Not!
Rev. Lady Diannia Baty © 2010-02-28

Many people in the world view me as a little off my rocker or as one person put it, I am six eggs short of a dozen. Why would someone say something like that? I feel it is mainly because I am so devoted to what I do in the spiritual way of things. I also think it is because I am female and there is still an old outmoded view of women being ordained or spiritual visionaries and leaders.

None of this bothers me although it used to. I would question myself and wonder if I was a bit deluded. I would think that just maybe I was confused about what my purpose was and then the negative thoughts of not feeling good enough or worthy enough would crowd into my brain. When I would go through these times of not believing in myself, God was always there to push me firmly back on my path. There were many times when I just wanted to forget the whole public thing of teaching, speaking and writing and be on my spiritual path by myself.

The whole world as it stands is watching when you put yourself out there and stand in your truth and stay on path. People read what I write and come to hear me speak. Every week women come to my home for the spiritual development classes. People order and read my book, “Spirit Letters.” I am sent the most beautiful inspiring testimonials regarding what I do. Every single one of them is motivation for me to continue on. I am reminded of a poster that was popular a while back showing a cat hanging onto a rope and it said, “Hang in there.” I am hanging in there and I will never veer from my path until I cross over to the other side of this earth.

Every single day I am faced with choices. I try and start my day by asking God what would he like to share with me for the day? I ask to be shown some way to be of service before the day is done. I may mull over my choices for the day and go with the one that feels the highest and best. In any given moment I am shown choice after choice. We have a tendency to forget this incredible fact. The immense responsibility of free-will is something else again when you think about what your life would be without it! In my communications with God
choices is mentioned time and time again. It should be no surprise that…Make A Choice Now, would be the name of my website. My barometer of monitoring my choices is checking in with how it makes me feel. If it lifts me up and fills me with a positive feeling or emotion or brings me peace then I know I am on the right track. If you are confused, it will only be temporary if you check in with your feelings. You are always in control even if you aren’t aware of it. Live your life by choice not by chance.

What I do is not always an easy path. I have many people and organizations pulling at my spiritual skirts and I have to practice discernment as to which way to go with what I offer. It is costly to continue forward. There are times when I briefly give into fear that I will not be able to afford this path. It passes very quickly. I would stand on a street corner if I had to. This is not an idle statement. I am content and exhilarated that I can do this. I have read and studied others that do this and in most cases their start in life was very rocky and it is amazing that they are spiritual visionaries, authors, teachers and the like. I have always felt that about myself. If any of you know my story of my earlier years you may find it astounding that my path led me here. I do!

Oh, and then there is the psychic thing. I am a fourth generation intuitive and it is a part of who I am. Anyone will tell you that the readings and guidance they receive when they have a session with me are on-point and I cannot tell you how many times they cry tears of joy or experience healing. I have received a lot of guff about it but I have also received praise and beautiful testimonials. This gift comes from only one place and that is the divine. It is also another reason to be called crazy.

I am firmly meshed with God and I am happier than I have ever been. I am totally at ease with my many “GOD JOBS.” If being a woman, an author, an outspoken communicator and scribe for God is crazy then bring out the white jacket and carry me off. If wanting to bring peace and empowerment to others is wacky then so be it. If putting myself out there so the world can see and hear me is making me nutty as a fruitcake then so be it. If having total faith and confidence in God leading and talking to me is weird so be it. If crazy feels this good then why would I want anything else? So, Crazy? I think not! This is just something to think about.

Every Moment New

The New Year started off with problems. The first thing was a tooth that had to be pulled and when it comes to going to the dentist, I am a big baby. Then barely one week later my computer decided to go on vacation. Luckily it was not a permanent vacation and most everything could be saved. My virus protection had somehow inexplicably been turned off which left it open for attack. My computer guy came to the rescue and was able to save almost 95% of everything. I am now trying to see what is and isn’t still intact.

In any event, here I am writing again after a few days of not being anywhere near the computer. I took the time to do some deep cleaning and enjoyed my nesting time with the dog and books. I took a look around and even made some plans for this coming spring.

It occurred to me that every moment is so fresh and new and there are no two moments alike and I wish to be present to as many of them as possible. We really do not know when the last moment will come for us. It is a mystery and it is supposed to be that way.
I personally wish to concentrate on life and not death. The end will come and that will be that but it is the now that matters.

Staying in the moment may seem like a big waste of time for a lot of people but not being in the now is to me a waste of life energy and time. I miss very little about what is going on around me and in me. I am in touch with what I am feeling and thinking. This means I am in control of myself without worrying over all the everyday things that come up in most of our lives. For example when my computer took a nose dive and decided to go on vacation, I decided to get some much needed laundry and filing done and it was wonderful to get it out of the way. It is a funny thing I didn’t obsess over when I would be back in the saddle writing and doing all the things I do every day on the computer, I just took it in my stride and worried not. Worry for me has become something that I now am aware of immediately so I don’t waste a lot of time with it. If I am worrying then I know I have given control over to someone or something else.

I realize more every day just how important being in the moment with gratitude in my heart means to my overall happiness and satisfaction. I can find gratitude in any given situation no matter how dire it may seem at first glance.

There are no two moments alike. Second by second I am presented with choices anew
to create and be with God. I choose to be with God in every second and be connected with the universal consciousness.

If it is your current belief that various events, conditions and circumstances that you experience in life is brought about by chance or fate then you are in for some big ah-ha moments.

Once I knew without any doubt that I am the co-creator of my life, it almost brought me to my knees. I had lived my life by chance and not choice and suffered the consequences thereof. I had no one to point the finger at any longer but myself. With that knowledge came a renewal of life for me because I knew exactly what free will was all about. It is about correct choices and thinking. I am the programmer of my life!

I find this astounding and wish I had known this long ago but it might not have sunk in earlier on my journey. It was also a heavy moment when I knew if I had made different choices the outcome of my life would have been vastly different. The past is gone and I cannot live it over again which brings me right back to the present moment once again.
So, for this moment in time and the ones that follow I choose to write this article and send it out to all my followers, fans and brothers and sisters of the spiritual quest. The other choice would be to drink coffee and dwell in the past or the future which gets me no where fast.

Now, here is something to ponder on and think deeply about. Just as the computer programmer must write or create the programs that you use and are necessary for you to experience the effects every time you log onto your computer, someone is also creating the programs or software that are responsible for bringing about the results that you experience in your life.

Who writes these programs? You guessed it. YOU!

It just may be time to install some new programs into your life that will uplift and empower you. It just may be time to install oneness with your creator into your mainframe. It might be time to delete and uninstall some old programming that keeps you stuck and causes your life to crash.

Change the thoughts and change your life.
Now this is something to think about.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What to do when you feel resentment!

I was talking to one of my class members this morning. I teach Spiritual Development every week and she is one of my most loyal students. She was talking about her elderly mother. Even with a brother and other family members nearby, her mother only calls her to pick up things for her or to ask her to come to her house to check something or to take her to the doctor's office. When she has some problem that she always calls her.
She said she resented it and didn't sound too happy with the other family members because they never really stepped up to help out with mom.

As we talked, I pointed out to her that her mother calls her because she can count on her and she knows it. I also told her that there will come a day when she can't do these things for her and she will wish she could hear her mother's voice on the phone asking her to do something.I told her she should have love in her heart when she does these things and should not be concentrating on the others and what they might or might not be doing.

I also told her that it was clear that she was not in a state of awareness, the now or gratitude when she felt this way and to ask herself what she needed to know about herself for her greatest and highest good,spiritually speaking, of course. It was also clear to me that there is something she needs to forgive.

When you feel resentful pay closer attention to this emotion than you normally do. You need to search inside yourself for the true gift of knowledge this gives to you and it is always there. Resentment is not loving, most of all to yourself. When you interact with someone with this in your mind and energy field you will draw back to you what you are putting out. This is the Law Of Attraction in action.

Even My Dreams Include God

During deep sleep God visits and it is always a nice surprise when this happens. The next day I am filled with peace and a sense of excitement as I know something is coming in terms of guidance and possibly a vision.
Another way spirit gives me a heads up is my right ear will ring slightly on and off until I receive a vision in a big way.
A few days ago I got a vision after the ear ringing went on and off for a few days and it was not something minor. A volcano exploded and threw off rocks and one was the size of a school bus. I was told it would happen soon. I am also getting visions of underwater earthquakes and they will be more frequent to the point that we will become alarmed...this of course will start to trigger many tsunamis. If you live near any coast please take heed. Pay attention to the signs they are all there and should not be ignored.Don't hide away and pretend nothing is happening in our world. You know that it is. You can't hide from the changes that are happening.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Angel Transformation...A Poem

Angel Transformation
By Rev.Diannia Baty ©

I walked in my garden filled with serenity
When I saw an ugly thing that broke my reverie
It was a loathsome caterpillar in stripes of green and white
This tiny creature was an unexpected sight

I wanted to crush it and make it dead
When I heard the word “stop” inside my head
It froze me into stillness instantly
Was this the beginning of insanity?

The voice said, “Let it be.”
Look closer now and tell me what you see.
On my close inspection…two blue eyes were looking back at me!

In disbelief I knew this was not a dream
Everything was exactly as it seemed
I heard the words “it is the way.”
And my body started to sway.

In a dead faint I slumped down
Into a crumpled heap upon the ground
I was picked up gently into a strong embrace
And I saw the most beautific face.

It was an angel that held me in its arms.
The words were spoken “don’t be alarmed.”
You’ve been chosen…be full of wonder.
It is Gods spell that you are under

This angel that hovered in front of me
Was the most wondorous thing I have ever seen?
Its wings unfolded and they were full of light
I have never beheld anything so bright

It said Gods angels appear where you would not think
We are in blue waters and skies of pink
We come from your wishes and when you despair
We are around you everywhere

We are with you when you plead
For God to help you in time of need
We are helping you when you are in pain
We stand beside you in sun or rain

We are with you when you cry
We are with you when you laugh or sigh
We are with you when your heart breaks
We are helping when you create

Now still yourself to witness a transformation
Of one of Gods glorious creations
This caterpillar that was crawling on the tree
Started glowing with an intensity

It sprouted wings that turned to gold
and formed a face that was very old.
It grew in size that was 10 feet tall
In comparison I felt very small

In a ringing voice it spoke to me
and said I am the angel that is meant for thee…

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quotes I love...Inspiring!

There is a stage with people we love when we are no longer separate from them, but so close in sympathy that we live through them as directly as through ourselves...We push back our hair because theirs is in their eyes.
Nan Fairbrother

The Power Of Intention and Thought!

I am going to be putting things on my blog more than usual to give you something to look over and then I will slow down but for now I am busy getting it together for you. I just got a call from someone who loves it and asked me why I didn't do this a long time ago and my answer is because I thought I would not have enough skill to go forward with it.
I remember a long time ago convincing myself that learning macrame would be too hard. I wanted to learn this particular skill of tying knots in fancy ways to make things. It excited me at the prospect of being able to do it but I never took any lessons. I felt what was the use.
I felt the classes were too costly and very soon a coupon arrived in the mail for half off the classes. The obstacle was removed. Co-incidence? I think not.Finally, I decided to go for it. I signed up for a local class and the day finally arrived. There was about eight of us in class men and women alike.The instructor was a woman of about thirty and she showed us examples of things that she had made.I was very impressed. Once more that voice rang up inside me that said, "this is beyond you and you are wasting your time and money." The first lesson was how to tie the various knots and we made a plant hanger. What I discovered is I was a natural at this and my fingers flew. It was too easy for me. The next day I purchased what I needed and started designing my own creations. I made hanging chairs, lamp shades and hammocks. I loved it. I put together a few of my own design books and sold them.
I made lovely things for gifts and had a blast doing it.
My point to all of this is when I finally decided to start a blog, it wasn't near as difficult as I thought and I have such a sense of accomplishment and the energy of the feel good feeling is addictive. I am creating and when I am creating I am in such a state of peace and joy.
What are you holding back in terms of creating something? What are the internal voices telling you? This is something I will have to be aware of due to prior conditioning from childhood when I never felt good enough or worthy.This is part of a life long spiritual lesson for me to not listen to the negative inner whispers!I am worthy and I am more than good enough.
God celebrates my accomplishments and guides me forward for more of the same and will do the same for you.

The Gifts

I have resisted blogging for a while because I considered it one more thing to put on my To Do list. I now know that it is a great way for my followers and fans to be able to read my stuff anytime they desire. Everything will be archived and you will have easy access.
Now I know this is really very easy and I enjoy it even though I just started yesterday.My thoughts this morning are all about receiving the gifts that the universe brings to me every single day. I just have to look for them.
I send out gratitude for what is on its way and that sets up the energy vibrationally speaking. Today it is my intention that I get three gifts of some kind. The gifts come in many ways from a stranger deciding to buy my coffee for me at Starbucks to finding something I thought I had lost. The gifts are many and the intention for living and experiencing my life has a quality of excitement to it.
I will let you know tomorrow what gifts came my way.

I Know You...A poem

Rev.Lady Diannia Baty

From somewhere far away and close within
You came like a fog early over the day
Before I knew it you were there
a call from my soul went out and exclaimed…
I know you

I lost myself somewhere in the mist
a sweet forgetting of the old
and a warm embrace of the new.
the insistence of a heart beat bathed me and

Finally across past lives lived and
goodbyes given and love taken away.
You came back as surely
as you left
and said
I know you.

Dare I take courage in hand and touch you once more
Please open the door.

A Life Full Of Hats

Life Full of Hats

We bring children forth into the world
and with the same hands we cradle our children
we soothe the sick and help loved ones to the other side.
Our hat of black heavy with the dampness of grief is one we wear.

In the mist of our youth we skipped, picked flowers and went to many schools
We learned many messages both spoken and unspoken.
We took the knowledge both true and untrue to be our own and adopted it into our life.
We learned that sometimes we are yelled at, hit and taunted for some perceived flaw.
The raggedy hat of dirty dark brown ripped with denial was the victim’s hat we wear.

We donned the hat of creators and cooked the meals and sealed the deals yet still
we found no peace. We prayed for a sweet release from a mundane ordinary world
that offered us no joy. We wrote the books and lost our looks as the world said we were aging. Time felt as if it was slipping by. We raised our voices and said no more. I am tired of all this so just getting by stuff. When does happiness kick in? What does it feel like anyway?

Fast, Go, Come, Stay, Be Quiet, orders that we heard and we obeyed. We put on the hats of sweet sister and loving mother and wondered when it would be time for us. We nursed our bruises and betrayals and moved on. We had not heard our song and sang to everyone
that needed to hear it.

Finally we put on the hat of spirit that was laden with all we stood for and all that we are.
The presence of God took our hand and said what we wanted was never very far.
All the hats were necessary so we could live and breathe and understand.
The hats are put away for all time as we claim what is ours and has been hidden away.

Now I wear a crown of soul and light fills up my being. I am finally seeing what is real and true. So should you. Embrace it and allow it to fill you up with love. It is yours for the taking and has been all along. It is time to sing your song!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Before Enlightenment..Chop wood, Carry Water...After Enlightment...Chop wood, Carry Water

In the course of spiritual study and growth you learn many things. You will say to yourself, why didn’t I know this before? Your life as you know it changes for the better. You become empowered. You become peaceful. The many irritations of daily life just don’t get to you anymore. If they do, your awareness and what you have learned bring you right back to a peaceful place. You start to feel happiness and joy consistently for the first time and not just every now and then but every day.

Some of the people and personal relationships in your life start reacting to you differently.
Some of these interactions will be uplifting and life changing and some will be negative and hurtful but you will start to discern and see the lessons and the messages in everything.

I have found that because of my spiritual practices life is just plain sweeter. An ordinary task is not ordinary anymore. I practice being in the moment and gratitude in my daily life. I can do the laundry now and it is not a chore any longer.
I am grateful for the clothing that got dirty… grateful for the appliances to wash them…grateful for the soap and fabric softener and grateful that I am well enough to wash, dry and fold the laundry in this beautiful home. There are people washing their clothing by beating them against rocks. Now the truth is if you ever have a chance to see a lot of women gather in Africa for example to wash their clothing on the rocks, you will see they are in a state of communal joy. They discuss their problems and just enjoy life in the sun while swapping stories and watching their children play in the water nearby. I often wondered if they are in a state of peace and in the moment while they do this? I would guess the answer is yes. Their problems are not smaller because they have less than us materially. The fact that they have less is just our perception. In truth they have as much as you do, it is just different stuff. In some parts of the world having a few head of cattle and healthy children is considered wealthy.

Our perceptions of the world and the people in it tell us a lot about ourselves. Do you look at everyone who is dressed poorly as someone who is suffering from poverty? It could be the woman in the grocery store who looks a bit raggedy is actually someone who decided to run out quickly to the grocery store after gardening and before she took her shower. She could just possibly live in a million dollar home and be driving a Cadillac. Howard Hughes was one of the richest men in the world but in later years looked like a bum on the street. If you ran across him you would have crossed the street to avoid him. Now, he was mentally unhinged at that point but I think you get my point. The old man on the street talking to himself
and avoiding eye contact could be someone suffering from Alzheimer’s and has wandered away from his caretakers.

Start to notice what your first thoughts are as you encounter people and see for yourself if maybe your perceptions are a bit screwed up. The truth is you don’t know all you think you know. To quote my associate “they don’t know that they
don’t know.” Your perceptions will give you a clue as to how much you are enlightened and how far you have to go to get to awareness. How much wood do you have to chop and how much water do you have to carry? If you want to lighten your load… be in a state of awareness of everything and everyone around you.
What are you thinking as you go about your day?

Now on to the chopping and carrying scenario…what is the before and after difference? Before… it took more effort to do whatever you had to do. It exhausted you and aggravated you more. You spilled a lot of water before you go to where you needed to be. There were a lot of splinters in your spirit from trying to do what you had always done.
The people who do not serve your greatest and highest good leave your life either through their own choice or yours. Your awareness is to recognize who these people are. Step by step you become enlightened. Spiritually you start to ascend. To ascend in its purest meaning is to rise up and that is exactly what happens. You start to go higher above human illusions of judgment and a pervasive feeling of being lost and not worthy. You start to make contact with your “higher self.” Your precious divine “higher self” is your soul. You become aware of all the beauty around you and start to enjoy the precious moments as they come. You realize that time is just another illusion. You start to appreciate and become grateful for everything. Your life just starts to work. The issues of the past start to fade. You learn the lessons and vow not to repeat them. After all, it has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same dumb thing over and over again expecting a different result. I know I have done this many times in my life. I am sure if you think back with an open heart and honesty with yourself, you will see a pattern emerge of repeating the same issues in your life.

Before all this awareness and enlightenment you had to work, deal with problems,
take care of life and business and just generally do your human things. The big news is after you become a spiritual being and honor the God force within…you still have to work, deal with problems, and take care of life and business but you do it in a different more powerful way.

Most of you think that you will walk the spiritual path and that there are no problems to deal with because you have entered awareness. You have put all this work and intense study into becoming the spiritual being that you are and suddenly life is just one big “bliss party.” Life is life and such as it is…it will still present itself with issues. Every day and every moment is a growth process of ascension into the soul planes. Each time you enter into another level…life is truly better and more peaceful. Moments of joy are so intense that the hair rises up on your arms.
After… is totally different. You are grateful for the wood and the water. You are
clear and aware and you move through and beyond issues in a peaceful life affirming way.

You are grateful to be able to do what you have always done just differently. The load is lighter. You are in a state of peace. You spill less of your spiritual essence and there are a lot less splinters in your soul. You are able to speak your truth. You stop allowing people to take advantage of, abuse, lie to, cheat and disrespect you. Your human garden is being weeded. You start to bloom. You find creative outlets that you did not know you had. You feel physically better and sleep deeply. Life has become something beautiful. The restraints of life are not so tight anymore.

You are changing and life itself is changing. You stop feeling alone and lonely.
You have become one with the God within.

Enlightened means to know…not to guess at but to know. It is a place of profound knowledge. It is not the name of a town in Blissville. You can’t find it on your GPS.
The only way to know what this feels like and how it feels is to go within and make conscious contact with the God force that is in all of us.

Your choice…what are you going to do?

Spirit Letter 2/10/10

Spirit Letter February 10th, 2010

Oh My Sweet and Powerful Creator,
I am still mastering the manifestation process. I get real good at it and then I slip back into worry and concerns. The good thing is that I am staying aware of my thoughts and emotions. I feel like I am on the verge of a mighty discovery. I am just not sure of what that is. Three days ago I made the statement that I was in the process of manifesting something and three days later the desire and what I wanted appeared. It was incredible. I am so grateful. I am a willing scribe for your words and wisdom. I feel your energy and your love so strong at this moment. Your presence is felt and honored.

Hello Loved Ones
All is one. One is all.
I would first like to remind all that we are interwoven together. The tapestry of the universal power is in everyone. It is a tapestry woven of many threads of all colors and textures. It makes no sense to judge each other when you all come from the same stuff.
You cannot get away from each other even if you wanted to. The only way to escape from the collective is in your mind and why would you want that?

When you detach yourself from the oneness you feel scattered and unsure. You become emotionally ragged and the fabric of your life is torn and cannot sustain you.

The most difficult part of receiving is letting go of attachment of the outcome and worry that it will not be made so. You must stay in a state of gratitude for all that is already good and right with your life and let go of all concern. This is like giving me total access to your kitchen to bake a cake and then telling me how to do it. Be in a state of joy about something, anything at all.

I am in constant communication with each of you giving you the very best direction for your greatest and highest good.
There are no favorites with me. You are all my favorites. Open yourself up to me and learn to listen and interpret the guidance when it comes. It is entirely your choice as to what you do with the information.

There are many of you stepping forward with the spiritual evolution that is taking place in your world. The energy of this shift of consciousness cannot be denied. Those of you who are using your resources to assist in these changes will be blessed with all you need. Keep your eye on the goal which is to empower as many as possible to embrace their spiritual nature and understand it and then of course use it and not let the new knowledge lay fallow. Light a fire in their souls. Light a fire within your own spirit that nothing can extinguish.

Utilize all your focus to this goal with a passion that beats within your hungry hearts. This is what will bring you peace and prosperity.

My love is with you always and in all ways.
I am. I am. I am.

Just some thoughts to share on complaining

Blog, Blog, Blog. Everyone wants me to blog and so I shall and I ask you to bear with me as I learn how to get this thing right. Today has been a day of feeling little aches and pains as there is snow on the way so the pressure is changing. I didn't used to feel this but I am older now so I guess it goes with the territory.

I never give it much thought when my muscles ache and I don't have much energy. It is fine with me because I see so many people who are far worse off than I.

The next time you feel a complaint coming on ask yourself if you really have anything to complain about? I mean really? Have you become a whiner and a complainer? if you have then take steps to change it. What you say you are, you will become.

Mastery Creativity

What does it mean to be creative?
It means that you dissolve all the shoulds and should-nots.
To be creative means that you risk appearing foolish and risk what people think.
When you are creating you have a sweet taste of life and it will depend on your intensity and your presence. Life is not a philosophical problem. It is a spiritual mystery. Anything can become a door to creativity even cleaning a floor. If you can do this creatively, lovingly, and totally, you will have the sweet creative taste of life.
Any person who has a sense of their own individuality lives by their own love, by their own work, without caring at all what others think of it.
Masterpieces are created this way.
When you create you are closer to God!

Mastery understands this!


Rev. Diannia Baty © 2009

To fully understand the message that Jesus taught
you must remember that it was all about love
and forgiveness.
Remember his words,
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
It is not your job to leap into the mind and heart of another and judge their actions,
words and impulses. This is not in your job description.
For as hard as you strive to do this, you will never know what lies there.

His whole life was dedicated to teach us to forgive and to love.
As you walk through the day see Jesus in everyone, see the mind of God
set forth in the creation of another.
Do this silently and reverently remembering that everyone has
a place and purpose on this earth.

Until you finally understand the message that Jesus set forth
you will not know true peace and contentment.
When you do understand and put into practice and awareness
that loving and forgiving is the message
you will be free…
beyond anything you could have dreamed of.
Mastery is understanding that you must learn to forgive
in order to really love.